Amanzholov, Zhursin Kanapievich


Full name, date of birth: Amanzholov, Zhursin Kanapievich, 1948

Phone, e-mail: +7-701-552-3052,

Position: associate Professor of “Mining aerology and labor protection”.

Education: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, mining engineer-economist, 1973 Ph. D., associate Professor.

Work in the Department: since 1976 associate Professor.

Work in other departments: Department “Mining aerology and labor protection”: associate Professor; Director of the “center of utilities” akimat of Karaganda (1997-1999); Director of LLP” Energosbyt ” (1999-2001), associate Professor of “Mining aerology and labor protection”. (2001-2002), Head Department of “Mining aerology and labor protection”. (2002-2006), associate Professor of “Mining aerology and labor protection” (2006-present).

Main research interests: occupational safety, industrial ventilation, emergencies, industrial safety, fires.

Main scientific works for the last 5 years:

-       “Fundamentals of fire-technical expertise”, KSTU publishing House, 2018-96c;

- “Labor protection and Civil defense” volume I; law for universities / Almaty; CyberSmith, 2018 / – 232b;

- “Labor protection and Civil defense” volume II; law for universities / Almaty; CyberSmith, 2018 / – 216c;

- Investigation of the causes of industrial injuries in coal mines K. Amanzholov, D. R. Zholmagambetova, D. S. Syzdykbaeva, M. N. Zhumabekova, S. K. Amirgalina. Karaganda, Karstu.2018-C72-77;

- Amanzholov Zh., Khalikova E. R. Improving the efficiency of ventilation of mine workings during the operation of loading and delivery machines with internal combustion engines. // Abstracts international scientific conference “Actual scientific research in the modern world”, Ukraine, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, 26-27 may 2017, P. 19-25;

- K. Amanzholova, Khalikova E. R. Studies of PPE provision for employees of enterprises of Karaganda region.// Abstracts international scientific and practical conference ” Integration of science, education and production-the basis for the implementation of the national Plan»

- (Saginaw readings No. 9) Karaganda, Karstu, -2017, 2 h. – Pp. 218-220;

- J. Amanzholov.K.,Sydykbaeva D. S., Khalikova E. R. of labour Protection and civil defence. Textbook.Almaty, publishing house “Evero”, 2017-216c;

- Technical safety of industrial production./ G. K. Amanzholov, G. V. Mataev, R. R. Khodjaev, E. R. Khalikova,; training center “Timerlan-2011″LLP. Karaganda: 2016.-107;

- Modern problems of ergonomics./ G. K. Amanzholov, G. V. Mataev, E. R. Khalikova, T. D. Imanbayeva; training center “Timerlan-2011″LLP. Karaganda: 2016.-107;

- K. Amanzholov, Khalikova E. R. Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the OSH management system at industrial enterprises.// Abstracts Interuniversity student scientific conference “Contribution of youth science to the implementation of the strategy” Kazakhstan-2050 ” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Karaganda, KSTU-2014. Pp. 209-210;

- Amanzholov Zh. labor Protection in the power system: a textbook. 2nd ed./ M. Tursunov, D. Chetaev-Astana: Foliant.2014. – 200C.

Membership in scientific and professional societies: member of the scientific Council of the state enterprise MIOOT Rktr RK

Disciplines and courses:

-       Labor protection and life safety (lectures-6 hours per week);

-       Fundamentals of fire safety (lectures-2 hours a week, practical classes-2 hours a week);

-       Economic assessment of the consequences of emergency situations and measures to PROTECT (lectures-2, an hour a week, practical classes-2 hours a week.).

Other tasks: student scientific circle “personal protective equipment”.

Advanced training:

-       Courses “labor protection and industrial safety” (“RSE RNIIOT MTSZN RK”, Karaganda branch, June 2018);

-       Seminar “production control at hazardous production facilities” (LLP training Center “TIMERLAN-2011″, may 2015);

-       Seminar “bases of innovative education at modern University”, Karaganda state technical University (2013-2014 academic year).