Akhmetova Alma Zholdybayevna


Full name, year of birth: Akhmetova Alma Zholdybayevna, 1967

Phone, e-mail: +7-701-762-74-03, al_ma67@mail.ru

Position: senior lecturer of IVS Department.

Education: Karaganda state medical Institute, Medical business, 1991.Candidate of medical Sciences.

Work in the Department: since September 1, 2010 senior lecturer of the Department of “Mining aerology and labor protection”

Work in other departments:

- Clinical residency on the basis of KSMU;

- 2000-2003-postgraduate Studies on the basis of NC MH RK and MH RK;

- Junior researcher of the laboratory of cytogenetic research MT and NC MH RK;

- Associate Professor of pharmacognosy DEPARTMENT of ” Bolashak”.

Main research interests: occupational medicine, physiology and psychology, occupational health, occupational health and industrial sanitation.

Major editions for 5 years:

-       Levitsky, G. G., O. M. Tasmagambetov, Baituganov.T. O., Kakenova M. Zh., Bazylova S. B., Medeubaev.A., Komleva.B. “Development of recommendations to block the influence of the natural draft in extreme negative temperatures of “Ushkatyn-3″ mine”. – Journal of Advances in Humanities. Vol.2, No.1, April 26, 2014. Page 64-74;

-       “Measures and risk analysis to reduce injuries at the mine “Zholymbet” JSC “Kazakhaltyn MMC” JSC “Bayan”. – European Researcher. – 2015. – Vol. (91). Pp. 94-103;

-       Zhorzh G. Levitskiy, Assel Nurgaliyeva D., Gulmira Saparova K., Lidya H. Balabas, Alma Zh.Ahmetova, Marat Nu. Zhumabekov. “Assessing the Impact of the Aerodynamic Control Parameters on the Consumption of Air in Regular Branches of Complex Ventilation Networks”. – Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 (5): 996-1003, 2016 Scopus;

-       Amaralina S., Khalikova E. R. “The role of medical examination in the preservation of professional health. International scientific conference “integration of science, education and production-the basis for the implementation of the national Plan” (Saginaw readings No. 9) Part 2.- Karaganda.-2017.Pp. 104-105;

-       Altynbekova A.- Chief expert Of the Department of remuneration, Zholmagambetov N. R. A. JSC “Bayan”: “Study of the influence of degassing of layers, composition and properties of coal on the dustiness of mine air”. – Bulletin of EKSTU. 2 (80).- Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2018. – Pp. 14-17.

Disciplines and courses:

- Modern problems of industrial sanitation (lecture-4 hours a week);

- Professional health (Lecture-3 hours a week)))

Other tasks: head of the IG ” industrial sanitation”

Advanced training:

- “Topical issues of therapy” in the amount of 216 hours on the basis of KSMU (from April 31 to April 24, 2015);

- “Modern system of labor protection management. LLP “SIC Geomark” in the amount of 40 hours (from 11 to 23 June 2018).