Zholmagambetov Nurbek Ryspekovich


Full name, date of birth: Zholmagambetov Nurbek Ryspekovich, 1974
Phone, e-mail: +7-700-9176571, nurbekz@mail.ru
Position: head of the Department “Mining aerology and labor protection”.
Education: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (Karaganda state technical University), specialty “Lifting and transport, road construction machinery and equipment”, 1995, mechanical engineer, specialty ” Lifting and transport, road construction machinery and equipment””
2001-2003: University for the Humanities. D. A. Kunaev, specialty “Jurisprudence”, specialist in the specialty “jurisprudence”.
Work in the Department:
- 2000-2002-Engineer of the Department of ” mining aerology and labor protection” ;
- Associate Professor of the Department ” Mining aerology and labor protection” ;
- 2015 – present-head of the Department “Mining aerology and labor protection”.
Work in other departments and organizations:
- “1995-1996. – Mechanic in Nurinsk production and road management p. Kievka in Karaganda region;
- From 1997 to 1999 -mechanic of Nurinsk production and road administration of Karaganda region.
Main research interests: occupational safety, industrial safety, aerology, life safety.
Major editions for 5 years:
- Zhalmagambetov N. R. “Methods of dealing with dust in the air permeability of the aspiration system”. Monograph.- 2014.KSTU publishing house, 106 p.. Karaganda;
- Portnov V. S., Yurov V. M., Maussymbayeva A.D., Kassymov S. S., Zolmagambetov N. R. “Assessment of radiation risk at the population from pits, dumps and tailinq dams of uranium mines”. England, “International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment”, (TR 0,500) 28 Dec 2016;
- Imasheva.G., Suymbaeva.M., Almagambetov.R., Tahanova.K., Abdumutalip. “Research of possible zones of inelastic deformation of rock mass”. Kazakhstan, ” Izvestiya NAS RK. Series of Geology and technical Sciences”, №2, 2018,S 0,142 0,118 Casbs;
- Amanjol I. A., Sharipov B. H. Almagambetov N. R. operational sanitation. Karaganda state technical University. – Textbook. Karaganda: KSTU publishing house, 2018.
Membership in scientific and professional societies:
- member of the dissertation Council of South Kazakhstan state University. Defense of PhD doctors on the specialty “environmental protection and CP” of M. Auezov»;
- Chairman of the Association “For safe life and work”.
Awards and additional rewards:
- The best teacher of the University”, 2016;
- Awarded the diploma of the rector of KSTU, Karaganda, 2015;
- For his contribution to the development of education, he was awarded a diploma of akim of Kazybek district of Karaganda, Karaganda, 2016.
Disciplines and courses:
- Fall semester:
- Legal and organizational support of life safety (lecture-2 hours a week));
- Environmental engineering (lecture-2 hours per week)).
- Spring semester:
- Management of technogenic and natural risks (lecture-2 hours a week));
- Life safety and labor protection (lecture-2 hours per week).
Advanced training:
- 07-22 August 2017. In the Kazakh national technical University named after K. I. Satpayev refresher course “Innovative technologies of material processing in foundries and thermal shops of metallurgical enterprises and industrial safety” (72 hours);
- 04.12.2017-17.12.2017 completed an internship at the national research Tomsk technical University (Russia) under the program “Application of innovative solutions in the training of modern engineering personnel”;
- From 25.09.2017 to 07.10.2017 G. I. Razzakova passed an internship at the Institute of mining and mining technology. Academician R. Asanaliev on the program “Geotechnology and safety issues of mining”;
- Certificate No. 4210014, IT series. System evaluation level of Kazakh language proficiency-KazTest. On mastering the level of environment (B1) on communicative language competence of the Kazakh language;
- Refresher courses on the topic: “Safety and labor protection at enterprises” LLP “Karagandaspetsremont”, Karaganda, Certificate No. 66 of January 11, 2019.