Serova Roza Faikovna


Position: assistant professor
Academic degree: assistant professor
Academic title: c.t.s.
Karaganda State Technical University, Department of Technology of building production, Speciality “Construction” (1979-1984).

Engineer-teacher of construction disciplines

Work experience
Production experience – 2 years
1984-1986 – Laboratory Assistant – Central Processing Factory “Saburkhanskaya”.

Scientific and pedagogical experience –30 years
1986-1999 – Assistant of the department “Technology of building production” KSTU;
1999-2009 – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Technology and organization of building production” KSTU;
2009-2010 – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Technology of building materials and products” KSTU;
2010-present – Assistant Professor of the Department “Technology of building materials and products”, now the department of “Building materials and technology” KTU.

June 26, 2009 – PhD thesis defense at the Scientific Research Design Institute of Building Materials (NIISTROMPROEKT LLP), Almaty
2010 – “Training Program of the Workshop on Technical Pedagogy” Karaganda State Technical University
November 12, 2011 – a diploma of assignment the academic title of assistant professor in the speciality “Construction”
2011 – Diploma of Assistant Professor in the speciality “Construction” (certificate) – Committee for the Control of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2011 – “Improvement and development of the site structure” – Karaganda State Technical University
2011 – “Quality Management Systems in MS ISO 9000: 2005 Series” – Karaganda State Technical University
2012 – “Expert-Auditor” – Kazakhstan Institute for Advanced Studies in Technical Regulation, Metrology and Management Systems LLP
2012 – “Training of Quality Managers” – Karaganda Institute of Quality LLP
2012 – “Energy-saving technologies for the production of building ceramics” – LLP “KERATEK”
2014 – “Advanced principles for the construction of high-rise buildings” – Karaganda State Technical University
2015 – “Training Workshop on Engineering Pedagogy” – Karaganda State Technical University
2016 – “Innovative technologies in educational activities of KSTU” – Karaganda State Technical University
2017 – “Production internship” – Institute Karaganda Industrial Construction Project LLP
2018 – “Production internship” – Institute Karaganda Industrial Construction Project LLP
2018 – “Courses of the Kazakh language” – “Karaganda regional language learning center” IE

Program ownershipCorelDRAW, AutoCad.

The list of readable disciplines

“Finishing materials”, “Concrete modifiers”, “Use of industrial waste in the production of concrete and ceramic materials”, “Standardization and metrology in the production of building materials”, “Quality management of non-metallic materials”, “Modifiers of concrete and ceramic materials”, “Modern materials based on local raw materials”,” New types of finishing materials”, “Basics of scientific research”, “Computer-aided design of technological processes”, “Building materials”, “Synthetic (man-made) construction conglomerates”, “Modified Concrete”, “The methodology of scientific research”.


Published more than 60 publications, has 2 innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 Certificates of State Registration of Rights to the Object of Copyright.

- Journal of Fundamental Research, Russia, 2017, №6-С. 80-85-

“Study of the properties of gypsum systems with hollow glass microspheres for restoration work”
- Scientific and Theoretical Journal “Herald of Modern Science”, No. 12, 2015 – “Investigation of the causes of concrete spalling from the supporting reinforced concrete structures of a building of a frame type”;
- International scientific and practical journal “Epoch of science” No. 14 – 2018, p. 192-200. “The study of physical and mechanical properties of dispersion-reinforced concrete”;
- Proceedings of the University – Karaganda, 2018. – №2. P. 78-82 “Development of the composition and method of production of effective materials on a hydrophobic binder for low water demand”.

- monograph “Модификаторывстроительнойтехнологии”, Publisher LAP Lambert Academic, 2018
- textbookinRussian“Использование побочных продуктов в производстве строительных материалов”, publishinghouseEVERO, 2018
- textbookinKazakh“Бетон жане керамикалык материалдары” – Karaganda: PublishingKSTU, 2018
- textbook in English “Using Industrial Waste in Producing Construction Materials” Karaganda: KSTU Publishing House, 2018

Special skills
- Native Russian
- Working Kazakh
- Basic knowledge of English (with vocabulary)