Kusainova Aisulu Amirkhanovna

Кусаинова Айсулу Амирхановна

Full name, date of birth: Kusainova Aisulu Amirkhanovna, January 3, 1978

Work experience: total experience – 23 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 22 years.

Position: Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surveying and Geodesy.

What university, in what specialty and when he graduated:

-Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov, majoring in Geography, in 2000.

-Karaganda Financial Institute, majoring in Finance, in 2005.

- International Business Academy, Master’s degree in Economics, in 2011.

-Omsk State Pedagogical University, graduate school with a degree in Geoecology, in 2021.

- National research Tomsk State University, defending a dissertation for the degree of candidate of geographical sciences, in 2022.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: candidate of geographical sciences, master of economic sciences.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held: 

2001-2004 – Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Mathematical Disciplines, Eurasian Humanitarian Institute of Astana.

2004-2006 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Financial and Banking Disciplines, Karaganda Financial Institute.

2007-2008 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Management and Marketing, Multidisciplinary Humanitarian Technical University of Karaganda.

2008-2017 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Enterprise Management, KSTU.

2017 – 2018 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surveying and Geodesy, KSTU.

2018 -2022 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Management of the Enterprise, KSTU.

from 2022 to the present – senior lecturer at the Department of Surveying and Geodesy, NJSC«KarTU».

Main scientific interests: I am engaged in research in the field of environmental payments in the system of environmental management economics, calculating the heat and water balance sheet characteristics of the territory and mapping geoecological processes. I am the head of the student scientific circle and the supervisor of more than 30 winners of international and republican scientific competitions. I have been a member of the Russian Geographical Society since 2018. 

Main publications: 

More than 70 scientific and scientific and methodological works have been published, including in the journals included in the Scopus database, Web of Science, Higher Attestation Commission of Russia, KKSON. There are 4 copyright certificates, 4 teaching aids have been published.

Hirsch index in the base “Scopus” -1; Scopus Database Profile Reference:


In the RSCI database -3. Link to RSCI profile:


Profile reference in ORCID-ID:


Subjects read in the academic year: Cartography, Economics, organization and planning of cartographic and geodetic production, Economic assessment of cartographic and geodetic work, Fundamentals of remote sensing of the Earth.

Advanced training:

for 2017-2022 (5 years):

-06.11.2017 -10.11.2017 Seminar «Management in Education» within the framework of the project «Training by domestic and foreign specialists in pedagogical specialties on the basis of the best international standards in the field of management and personnel training,» TsIP, KSTU;

-12.03.2018 – 16.03.2018. Seminar «Latyn әrpіne kөshu: tarikh, mәsele zhәne perspective», KSTU;

-01.11.2018 -04.11.2018 Scientific and practical seminar «Implementation of the project» Tuғan Zher – Native Land» and «Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan», KazNU named after Al-Farabi Faculty of Geography and Nature Management, Department of Geography, Land Management and Cadastre, Almaty;

-28.02.2019 International scientific and practical seminar «Modern laboratory solutions»,LLP «DistriTech»,Karaganda;

-16.07.2019 – 23.07.2019 Seminar «Clarivate Analytics Information Tools for Effective Scientific Activity»;

-19.08.2019 -29.08.2019 Courses «Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship», NPP of Kazakhstan Atameken, Karaganda;

- 08.06. 2020 – 08.06.2020 Courses «Virtual group training using Skype technologies. Experience in using the Cisco Webex platform in an educational environment», Karaganda, KSTU;

16.05.2022 30.05.2022 Seminar «Distance Learning: Use of Social Networks and Virtual Learning Environment in Education»,Yekaterinburg;

-05.09.2022 -06.09.2022 Seminar on the requirements of the ISO-37001:16 standard «Anti-Corruption Management System», NJSC«KarTU».

Contact details: office tel. 56-26-27