Mausymbaeva Aliya Dumanovna


Mausymbaeva Aliya Dumanovna

Faculty of Mining

Department of Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits

Degree PhD 6D070600 «Geology and exploration of MD», candidate of technical sciences

Position Senior Lecturer

In 2010, she completed her master’s degree in «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits» with honors. After completing her master’s degree, from September 2010 to October 2011, she worked as the head of the international cooperation Department of KSTU.

In December 2010, as a candidate of KSTU, she worked on her PhD thesis “Development of a complex of geophysical methods for assessing the quality of ores of precious and non-ferrous metals in the operation of deposits”, which she defended in the specialty 25.00.16 – «Mining, oil and gas field Geology, Geophysics, surveying and geometry of the subsurface».

From October 2011 to the present, senior lecturer of the Department «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits».

In 2017, she entered the PhD program at KSTU with a specialty 6D070600 – «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits». Since April 2019, she has been a visiting Professor at the Institute of Earth Sciences of the southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) as a visiting Professor to give lectures in person and remotely to students of specialty and undergraduate programs.

Author of more than 130 scientific and methodological works, including 7 monographs, 10 textbooks, 6 textbooks and 2 patents. 9 articles were published in rating journals included in the Scopus database and 7 articles in international journals included in the Clarivate Analytics rating database.

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