Kopobaeva Ayman Nygmetovna

Копобаевой Айман Ныгметовны



  • Kopobayeva Aiman, 25.05.1987
  • kopobayeva@inbox.ru
  • http://person.kstu.kz/kopobaeva-ajman-nygmetovna/
  • Education: KarSTU 050607 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” (2009 – Bachelor’s degree), KarSTU 6N0706 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” (2011, Master of Engineering and Technology); Non-profit Joint stock Company Каraganda technical university 6D070600 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” 2020
  • Work experience: assistant of the «Geophysics and Geology» Department (2009-2013); lecturer of the «Geophysics» Department (2013-2014); senior lecturer of the «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits» Department (2014-2021); from 2021 to the present, Acting associate professor of the «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits» Department.
  • Main research interests: in the field of geochemistry of rare elements and regional geology.
  • Achievements: over the past 5 years, there have been publications: more than 10 publications of reports of international scientific and practical conferences; more than 10 articles in journals of List from the Committee for Quality Assurance in the Field of Science and Higher Education; 8 articles in journals included in the Scopus and WoS database; more than 10 textbooks, 1 monograph, 2 Eurasian patents and 10 copyright certificates for an intellectual property object. There are 3 letters of thanks from the leadership of Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov. The winner of the state scholarship for Young and talented scientists in 2022, the head of the state budget theme in the amount of more than 70 million tenge.
  • Advanced training: completed a scientific internship at the CERCAMS Scientific Center, London, 2018; and also completed various courses on the programs: “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics” – April 2018, “Standards of public reporting on the results of exploration, mineral reserves of KazRC” – February 2019; participation in the International Mining Congress, Astana 2018; Advanced training “Engineering and geological surveys for the purpose of tracing and localization of mineralization zones in the vicinity of existing quarries”, 2019 (Azimut Geology LLP), (42 hours, certificate); Advanced training “General English course Level B1″, 2020 (Astana school of Business and Technology, certificate; Advanced training “Coalbed methane Exploration and Production Technologies”, 2022, (50 hours, Zhumys-Stroyservice LLP, certificate); Advanced training in Oil reservoir exploration and production Technology”, 2023, (Kazpromgeofizika JSC, certificate).
  • Language skills: Kazakh – native, Russian – fluent, English – Intermediate level (certificate is available).
  • Professional skills and knowledge: geological support in computer programs AutoCAD, MicroMine, Corel Draw; calculation of mineral reserves; processing and interpretation of geochemical data.