Kenetaeva Aigul Akanovna


Faculty of Mining Academic (academic)

Degree: Master of Technical Sciences

Position: teacher

Aigul Akanovna Kenetaeva, born in 1964, Kazakh by national, citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, higher education, Master of Technical Sciences, graduated from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Mining. Teacher of the Department of Geology and Mineral Prospecting in groups by disciplines: “Compassion zhane tarihi geology”, “Petrography”, “Krylymdyқ geology” “Mnay zhane gas”, “Hydrogeology of negzderі”, “Industrial types of mineral deposits” for specialty: 6M070600 “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits” The activity involved in the organizational and methodical work kafedry.Na gos.yazyke syllabus:
“Kenishtik zhane mine holders қ geology”, (Kenetaeva AA, 2018)
“Geochemistry”, (A. Kenetaeva, 2018).
“Zhalpy zhane tarihi geology” (A. Kenetaeva, 2018)
“Geophysicals zhabdykar zhane Uraldar”, (Kenetaeva A.A., 2018)
Negіzderі Hydrogeology, (Kenetaeva AA, 2018),
“General and Historical Geology”, (A. Kenetaeva, 2018)
Constantly improves his qualification, which is confirmed by certificates:

Certificate MTRIZ JUNIOR engineering of graduating student, September 8-11, 2014. KarSTU
2. Certificate of professional development 772400897574, (72 hours), Moscow, 30. 04. 2015. FGBOU VPO “Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze” MGRI-RSGRU

“A detailed study of the methodology of integrated cosmo-aerogeophysical and ground-based geophysical work with the aim of studying mineral deposits, processing and interpretation of data.” Certificate, CF Azimut Geology LLP, 06.21.2017
4. Passed refresher courses on “Engineering Pedagogy”, “Latyn Orpine Kushu: Tarikh, msele zhne prospect”. Certificate, (72) 12 12.03-16.03.2018. Languages ​​courses Basic English (Module 2 -40caғ; Module3-40 sa, Certificate. Scientific development: 1. MONOGRAPHY – “Some aspects of the study of gas-bearing K10 formation in the conditions of the Abayskaya UD AMT joint-stock mine” E.N. Filimonov, V.S. Portnov, V.V.Egorov, Yu.Yu.Steflyuk, A.A.Kenetaeva, 2. “Monitoring the Fuel by Neutron-Gamma Spectrometry”. Yu. N. Pak, Zh. S. Nuguzhinov , D. Yu. Pak, BK Balbekova, .and AAKenetaeva, .Koks I Khimiya, received May 31, 2018.Scopus. During her work at the department she has published more than 44 scientific articles and abstracts. Currently she is the curator of the GPR-15 groups. -2. Was the deputy dean of the GF UR – 2016.

Work phone: 56-78-42

Internal phone: 2037

Email Address: