Kopbalina Kymbat Bagdatkyzy


Faculty of power engineering, automation and telecommunications

Master of physics

Senior Lecturer

In 2013 she graduated from the magistracy of Karaganda State University named after Buketov in the specialty “Physics”. Theme of master’s thesis: “The effect of oxygen on the excited state of complex organic molecules.” After graduating with honors from the Faculty of Physics of KarSU in 2013, she received the qualification: Master of Physics. Since September 2007, she has been working as a teacher at the Department of Physics at KSTU. The main scientific works are: – “(CDS) N clusters of the құyrlyms menstrual_s spectler_n theories syltytert, Chaos and structures in nonlinear systems. Theory and experiment: Materials of the 8th int. scientific conference dedicated to the 40th anniversary of KarSU. Academician E.A. Buketov (June 18-20, 2012). – Karaganda, 2012; – Features of the optical properties of potassium sulfate with admixture of samarium or gadolinium; Forward from the light on Naukata-2012: Material for VIII international scientific practical conference (17-25 December 2012) .- 38: Physics, Physics culture and sport .- Sofia: “ Byal GRAD-BG “OOD, 2012. Publishing: Magazine Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, 2013; Complex Eura-sian Physical Technical Journal.-2012; – Ottegy zhane anthracene, benzene molecular ryn electron ryn rylysyn quanta chemistry chemicals қғғданққ, a collection of scientific papers of students and undergraduates “States and prospects of development of the system of continuous education.” KarSU them. E.A. Buketova. – Karaganda, 2013; – Theoretical study of the structural and spectroscopic properties of anthracene dimers. Proceedings of higher educational institutions. Physi 2014 Educational electronic manuals were published in the Kazakh language: “Physics 1”, “Physics 2”, “Optics”, “Mechanics of Elements”, “Molecules Physics and Thermodynamics”. 2014.

Contact information: Phone: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext.2027) E-mail: kopbalina82@mail.ru

Scientific works

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