Shaltakov Sagyndyk Nagashibaevich

Шалтаков C Н.

Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications

Master of Physics. Professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History (RAE)

Senior Lecturer

In 1976 he entered the Karaganda State University, Faculty of Physics, which he graduated in 1981.
1981-1982 Senior Lab Technician at the Institute of Chemical Physics named after J. Abishev
1982-1992 Assistant Department of VM and Physics KEU
2005-2006 Director of the Lyceum at MSTU
2006-2008 Art. Lecturer, Department of VM and OOD MSTU
2008-2009 Head Department of VM and OOD MSTU
2009-2017 Senior Lecturer in Physics and Special Disciplines of the Department A, D and NIT.
In 2014 he graduated with honors from the magistracy in the KarSU named after. Buketov specialty “Physics”.
From 2017 to the present, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics of Karaganda State Technical University.
I have more than 30 scientific and methodological works.
Contact information: Phone: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext.2027),

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