Daribekova Nazgul Sagatbekovna

Дарибекова Н.

In 1988 graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economics of Karaganda State University, specialty “Finance and Credit” and received the specialty “Economist”.

Started career in the financial department of Kirovsky district as a senior inspector of the National Agricultural Fund, then was transferred to the position of auditor-inspector of the tax inspectorate of Kirovsky district of Karaganda.

In July 1989, was invited to the Financial Department of the Karaganda region for the position of auditor–inspector.

In connection with the formation of the Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country, on June 12, 1990, was transferred to the position of the State tax Inspector of the State Tax Inspectorate for the Karaganda region.

From November 18, 1991 to July 8, 1996 – worked in the State Tax Inspectorate of the Karaganda region in the positions of senior tax inspector, chief tax inspector, head of the income taxation sector of cooperatives.

In June 1998 was awarded the qualification class “12″ of a civil servant.

From June 3, 1998 to July 18, 2002 – Head of the Tax Practice Department of the Tax Police Department of Karaganda region.

For the next 5 years, i.e. from July 2002 to August 2007, taught courses for chief accountants of public enterprises in the discipline “Taxes and Taxation” under the UCAID program.

From September 1, 2007 to July 2022 – Associate Professor of the Finance Department of the Bolashak Institute of Current Education, Bolashak Karaganda University, Bolashak Academy, Bolashaq Academy

The duties included:

- advising on a master’s degree;

- control over mutual visits of teachers of the department;

- international cooperation.

In the last 5 years alone, has published 87 articles, of which:

- Scopus – 2 articles:

1) Structure of the value chain on creation of the Internet – business: case of Kazakhstan 35th IBIMA Conference (1-2 April,, 2020)/ – Seville, Spain, 2020.(ISBN: 978-0-9998551-4-0) (together with Shevyakova A.L.) (Pechat Scopus)(//https://ibima.org/accepted-paper/structure-of-the-value-chain-on-creation -of-the-internet-business-case-of-kazakhstan;

2) Strategis Management of the Financical System in the Conitions jf Ecjnjmy Globalization (ASERS. Jourmal of Advanced Research in Law and Economics ( SCOPUS. COM)/ C/ 774-782) (together with Berezuk V., Daribekova A., Mennik M., Gordova M.)

H-index – 1.

- 40 articles in the near foreign countries (Moscow (Russia)), (Kremenchuk (Ukraine)), (Zaporozhye (Ukraine)).

Author of 4 textbooks.

Since September 1, 2022 – Senior lecturer of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Management at the Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov.