Balabas Lydia Khizirovna


Full name, year of birth: Balabas Lydia Khizirovna, born in 1961

Phone, e-mail: +7-701-1725741,

Position: associate Professor.

Education: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, engineering Technology, 1984 Ph. D., associate Professor.

Work in the Department: since 1997, associate Professor.

Work in other departments: technician of technical information Department of KTI (1979-1984)), engineer of patent and license Department (1984-1991)(1997-1998), teacher, senior lecturer, associate Professor of the Department (1997-1998 and up to the present time).

Main research interests: safety of technological processes, labor protection, environmental Protection.

Major editions for 5 years:

- Balabas L. H., Saparova G. K., Medeubaev N. A. Assessing Teshnological Processes and Products Safety in Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators System of Technical Regulation and Standardization. – Proceedings Of The University, Karaganda: Karstu, 2018, No. 2, Pp. 62-65;

- Assessing the Impact of the Aerodynamic Control Parameters on the Consumption of Air in Regulated Branches of Complex Ventilation Networks Levitsky G. G., Balabasl.H., Saparova G. K., Nurgalieva A. D. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Pakistan, 2016, No. 11 (5), Pp. 996-1003;

- Onerkasiptikkauipsizdiktitekhnikalykretteu. Balabas L. H., Saparova G. K., Nurgalieva A.D. textbook-Karaganda: Karstu, 2017, 80 p., ISBN 978-601-315-282-0;

- Emergency rescue. Balabas L. H., Saparova G. K., Nurgalieva S. D. textbook-Karaganda: Karstu, 2018, 147 P. ISBN 978-601-315-479-4;

- Effective physical and mathematical model of dust suppression. Print. Monograph-Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2018, 103 PP. ISBN 978-613-9-91386-2. AO Bayan Sulu.

Disciplines and courses:

-       Fire tactics (Lecture-1 hour per week, practical lesson-2 hours per week);

-       Emergency rescue (lectures-1 hour per week, practical classes-2 hours per week);

-       Technical regulation of industrial safety (lectures-1 hour per week, practical classes-1 hour per week).

Other tasks: responsible curator of the TDMA.

Advanced training:

- Program “life Safety” (June 2016.);

- Course “Management in education”, TSE KSTU (November 2017.);

- LLP “training center” Temirlan 2011 “program” Safety and labor protection ” (JULY 2018).