Kakenova Meruert Zhambulovna

Name, year of birth: Kakenova Meruert Zhambulovna, born in 1980

Phone, e-mail: +7-7754060083, meruetkakenova@mail.ru

Position: senior lecturer, acting associate Professor

Education: Karaganda state technical University, ” Ergonomics and labor protection”

Work in the Department: since 2010

Work in other divisions: 2004-2005-construction company “Diana L”, TB engineer, 2007-2010-Karaganda Zoological Park, TB engineer

Main research interests: occupational health and safety, environmental protection.

Major editions for 5 years:

- The influence of the shape gravity chutes on the mode of movement of overloaded weight in JSC” Bayan” S. R. Kakenova, A. N. Sarsembayeva, Irangaiр S. R. the influence of the shape gravity chutes on the mode of movement of overloaded mass. – News / – theoretical and applied scientific-technical journal (Bishkek). – 2018. – No. 3 (47). – Pp. 152-189c.;

- A. Altynbekova-chief expert Of the Department of labor remuneration N., Kakenova M. Zh., Saparova G. M., Baituganova M. O. influence of aerodynamic parameters of mine workings on the state and safety of ventilation of Kazakhstan coal mines, ” Bulletin of East Kazakhstan state technical University. “They. D. Serikbayeva, No. 2, 2018;

- JSC “Bayan” S. O. Baytuganova, E. V. Komleva, M. R. Kakenova, N. R. Zholmagambetov, journal “European Journal of Technology and Design”, 2016 Pp. 20-29;

- Information A., M. R. Kakenova, S. R. Akhmetova, N. akimbekova N., information risk analysis and measures to reduce injuries in the journal “European Researcher” JSC “Kazakhaltyn MMC” at the mine “Zholymbet”, 2015, Vol. (91). Pp. 94-103;

- “Alash national intelligentsia and Stalinist repression”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Alash movement, December 28, 2017;

- “Bukhara Zhyrau 350 years”, April 27, 2018;

- Nurgalieva S. D., Kakenova M. R., Rakhimberlina S. A., Gabaydulin R. I., Orlovskoye field, proceedings of the International scientific and practical conference “Science, Education and production-the basis for the implementation of the National plan” Saginovskiye reading No. 7, Karaganda 2015.

Disciplines and courses:

- Emergency rescue (lectures-1 hour per week, practical classes-2 hours per week).

- Examination of industrial safety of production facilities (Lecture-1 hour per week, practical lesson-2 hours per week).

Other tasks: responsible UMR of the Department.

Advanced training:

- Training seminar on engineering pedagogy 6-29. Republic of Kazakhstan 2015;

- “Improving religious literacy” October 2015;

- Internship at SIC “of Carnia BGP” 01-26.footnote.Two thousand fifteen;

- Certificate of completion of the training seminar “innovative technologies in educational activities of KSTU” 20-22.footnote.Two thousand sixteen;

- Training LLP “Timerlan-2011″ internship 11.06-23.06.2018