Aubakirova Gulnara

Аубакирова Гульнара Муслимовна


Full name, date of birth.

Aubakirova Gulnara Muslimovna. 30.11.60

If the teacher is presented on the website of your university, indicate this.

Position (indicate full or part-time employment, for part-time employment, indicate the type of main activity and the time (in percent) spent on it).

Professor of the Department “Enterprise Economics and Management” KTU (full employment).

What university, what specialty and when he graduated. Degree, title.

Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, specialty “Economics and organization of the machine-building industry,” qualification – engineer-economist, 1983.

Candidate of Economic Sciences (specialty 08.00.05 – Economics and Management of the National Economy, (2001, Almaty, Turan University), Associate Professor in Economics (2003), Doctor of Economics (specialty 08.00.05 – Economics and Management of the National Economy) (2008, Almaty, University of International Business), Professor in Economics (2011).

Work in the unit, including dates of employment and positions held.

Since 1983 – to date, assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor of the Department of Enterprise Economics and Management, KTU

Work in other departments and organizations (specify dates and positions held).

Responsible executor of the grant project AP 14872003 for 2022-2024 (Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Major research interests.

economics and management of the industrial enterprise, digital transformation of the enterprise, adaptation of the enterprise to the external environment.

Major publications over the past 5 years.

1. Aubakirova G.M. New approaches to building a model of economic growth in Kazakhstan//Economic relations, Moscow. 2019. – Volume 9. № 1. -C. 253-265.

2. Aubakirova G.M. Digital transformation of the economy of Kazakhstan//” Problems of the theory and practice of management, “Moscow, – No. 2, 2019.- S.18-26.

3. Aubakirova G.M. Transformational transformations of Kazakhstan’s economy//Forecasting problems. Russia, Moscow, No. 1, 2020. S.155-163.

4. Aubakirova G. Transformational Change in the Economy of Kazakhstan// Studies on Russian Economic Development, 2020, Vol. 31, No. 1, pp. 113–119.

5. Aubakirova G.M., Eneeva M.N., Gazaeva M.Sh., Sozaeva T.H. Construction of a new model of export-oriented economy//Economic relations. – 2020. – Volume 10. – № 3. – S.811-826.

6. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva FM, Kuatova A.S. Digitalization of industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan: potential opportunities and prospects//Issues of the innovative economy. – 2020. – Volume 10. – № 4. – S. 2251-2268.

7. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva F.M. Modernization of the public administration system of the Republic of Kazakhstan//Economy, entrepreneurship and law. – 2021. – Volume 11. – № 4. -S.264-275.

8. Aubakirova G.M. Rudko G., Isataeva F. Assessment of metallurgical enterprises’ activities in Kazakhstan in the context of international trends// Economic Annals-ХХI: Volume 187, 2021,  1-2, 121-130.

9.  Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva F.M., New approaches to building a diversified economy: the experience of Kazakhstan//Forecasting problems. 2021. № 6 (189). S. 168-177.

10. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva F. New Approaches to the Construction of a Diversified Economy: the Experience of Kazakhstan//Studies on Russian Economic Development, 2021, 32(6), pp. 712–718

11. Aubakirova G.M., Mazhitova S.K., Isataeva FM, Tomashinova A.E. Improving the investment policy of countries with a transit economy: the experience of Kazakhstan//Economics: the strategy and practice. 2021;16(4):46-61.

12. Aubakirova G.M., Rudko G., Vyzhva S., Portnov V., Isataeva F., Zimanovskaya N. Achieving sustainability in countries with a transit economy: new opportunities and prospects//Vice of the Kyiv National University of imeni Taras Shevchenko. Geology. 4(95). – 2021.- S.80-89.

13. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva F.M. Assessment of the innovative development of transit economies: an example of Kazakhstan//Bulletin of Turan University, 2022, No. 1 (93), S.28-35.

14. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva FM, Tomashinova A.E. Features of interaction between the state and business: the experience of Kazakhstan//Central Asian Economic Review. NO. 3 (144), 2022, S. 56-74.

15. G.M. Aubakirova, F.M. Isataeva. Role of investment attractiveness of exploration industry in achieving sustainable development of the state//Oil and gas, 2022, No. 4 (130), S.140-155.

16. Aubakirova G.M., Rudko G.I., Issatayeva F.M., Mazhitova S.K.Towards the Issue of Kazakhstan Economy Decarbonization//Bulletin of Karaganda University. Series Economics. №3(107), 2022. S. 5-15.

17. Aubakirova G.M., Issatayeva F., Rudko G., Mausymbaeva A., Madisheva R Transformation of industrial enterprises in the countries with transitional economies: the digital aspect//News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 (457), 2023, 72-91.

18. Aubakirova G.M., Issatayeva F. The role of investment attractiveness of the geological exploration industry in achieving sustainable development of the state// Нефть и газ, 2023.- №4 (136).- С.26-39

19. Issatayeva F., Aubakirova G.M., Maussymbayeva A., Togaibayeva L., Biryukov V., Vechkinzova E. Fuel and Energy Complex of Kazakhstan: Geological and Economic Assessment of Enterprises in the Context of Digital Transformation// Energies 2023, 16(16), 6002

20. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva FM, Mazhitova S.K., Togaibaeva L.I. Decarbonization of the mining and metallurgical sector: experience of Kazakhstan//Bulletin of Turan University, 2023, No. 4 (100), S.54-69.

21. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva FM, Mazhitova S.K., Biryukov V.V. Decarbonization of Kazakhstan’s economy: prospects of energy transition//Economics: the strategy and practice. 2023; t.18, No. 4: 55-72.

22. Aubakirova G.M., Isataeva FM, Biryukov V.V. Import substitution as a strategy for the development of countries with a transitional economy: the experience of Kazakhstan//Central Asian Economic Review. No. 5 (152), 2023, S.21-37.


Membership in scientific and professional societies.

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, member of the New Economic Association of the NEA, temporary member of dissertation councils at KazNU named after Al-Farabi (2023) and the University of International Business (2023).

Awards and awards awarded.


Subjects and courses given in the current academic year (semesters), the number of hours of lectures per week, seminars and laboratory classes.

Discipline “Eckowing in Industry,” (scientific and pedagogical direction), (spring semester, number of hours of lectures per week -2, seminars -2).

• Discipline “Design and management of innovative infrastructures of the industrial sphere,” (scientific and pedagogical direction), (autumn semester, number of hours of lectures -2, seminars -1).

Other duties performed during the school year, the number of hours per week. Check if they are charged extra.

Responsible for the QMS of the department.

Advanced training.

1. 18.06.2020 g. 23.06.2020, a series of educational webinars on scientometry (organized by the company “Scientific Publications -Publ.Science”).

2. 12.02.2023 to 27.02.2023, advanced training courses “Innovative methods of training” in pedagogy at Al-Farabi KazNU (Almaty).

3. 22.11.2021 year to 26.11.2021, training in advanced training courses “Improvement of pedagogical skills” in the amount of 40 hours.

4. 18.10.2021 year to 28.11.2021, training at the courses of advanced training “Cyberculture, Cybergigien and Big Data” in the amount of 72 hours.

5. 10.01.24 In 31.01.24, as part of virtual mobility, advanced training courses at the Mikhailo Ostrogradsky Kremenchug National University in online format (72 hours), No. 01539 of 31.01.24.

6. 02.11.2020 to 18.12.2020, an internship in the amount of 72 hours at Volynka LLP in the direction of “Marketing in the sectors of the economy”

7. 28.03.2023 g. by 28.04.23. advanced training courses in the amount of 72 hours on the topic “IT technologies in the analytical work of the enterprise” at Cenim Trade LTD LLP;

8. 08.06.2020 to 20.06.2020, advanced training courses on the topic “Virtual group training using Skype technologies. Experience in using the Cisco Webex platform in an educational environment, “Center for Engineering Pedagogy of KTU.

9. 03.01.2024 in 14.01.2024, advanced training courses at Global Express LLP in the direction of “Marketing in Industries” (72 hours).

10. 28.11.2023 g. In 25.12.2023, Advanced Training

“Interdisciplinary collaboration in scientific and pedagogical activities

university teacher “in the amount of 36 hours in KTU named after A. Saginov.