Zhumadilova Dinara Kuanyshbekovna



Full name, date of birth: : Zhumadilova Dinara Kuanyshbekovna, 28 january 1991

Work experience: the general experience is 9 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 5 years.

Position: lecturer of the Department of “Surveying and Geodesy”.

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda State Technical University, “Mining” training trajectory “Surveying” in 2012.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences in the specialty “Geodesy” 2015 – 2017, KarSTU.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2013-2017 – Engineer of the Department of Surveying and Geodesy

2017 – present – Lecturer of the Department of Surveying and Geodesy

Main publications:

Published 20 scientific papers, 10 abstracts, 4 articles – RSCI, 6 SIS; published 1 textbook.

Items read in the academic yearEngineering geodesy, Engineering and Geodetic surveys, Geodesy, Cartography, Surveying and geodetic instrumentation, UAV surveying technology, Physical processes in mining, Three-dimensional laser scanning, Surveying, Geomarkshading support for mining, Fundamentals of remote sensing of the Earth, Surveying support for open-pit mining.


From October 08, 2018 to November 3, 2018 “Modern learning technologies in engineering education”;

From November 08, 2021 to November 24, 2021 “The possibilities of using ArcGIS geoinformation systems in the preparation of bachelors and undergraduates in the educational program “Geodesy and Cartography”;

From November 22 to November 26, 2021 “Improving pedagogical skills”;

From April 4 to April 20, 2022 “Modern geodetic equipment used to perform geodetic works during the construction of multi-storey residential buildings”

Contact detailsworking phone 56-26-27