Zhetpisbay Bakirov


Architecture and Construction faculty

Academic degree: doctor of technical sciences

Academic title: professor

Position: Professor of Mechanics department


In 1973 Bakirov Zh.B. graduated from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute with a degree in «mechanical engineering technology, machine tools and metalworking».

In 1980 he defended his PhD in the specialty 01.02.04 – “Mechanics of a Deformable Solid Body” at the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR.

In 1982 he received the academic title of associate professor of «strength of materials» chair.

In 1999 he defended his doctoral thesis on the specialty 01.02.06 – “Dynamics, strength of machines, devices and equipment” at the Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering of the MES RK. 2001 he received the academic title of professor of mechanics and engineering.

In 2000-2006 he worked as a head of «Applied Mechanics» chair at KSTU.

In 2006-2013 he worked as a head of «Mechanics» chair of KSTU.

In 2012 he passed training in management education.

Work Phone: 8-7212-56-59-32 (internal 1165)

Email Address: zh.bakirov@kstu.kz

Scientific works

Analysis of non-linear stochastic oscillations by the averagingmethod

Статистическое обоснование коэффициента запаса

Статистическая динамика приводных механизмов

Закритические прогибы стержней при случайных изменениях параметров

Расчет надежности гибких стержней

Исследование двухмассовой модели привода с упругой муфтой