Zhagypkanova Labuda Bauyrzhankyzy


Zhagypkanova Labuda Bauyrzhankyzy

Year of birth: 1996

1. Basic education. Qualification: “Historian. History teacher “, graduation year 2018, KSU named after E.A. Buketov

2. Academic degree: master of pedagogical sciences, specializing in history, graduation year 2020. E.A. Buketov

3. Work experience: 1 year

4. Courses taught: History of Kazakhstan, Values ​​of “Mangilik El”

5. Information about advanced training: scientific internship in the Czech Republic, Prague

6. Research interests: History of Kazakhstan, spiritual modernization, history of Kazakh philosophy and culture, history of religion, religious studies

7. Scientific achievements: For the period from 2020 to 2021, 2 articles were published

8. Contact phones: cell phone 87027930848

9. Email: Zh.labuda-96@mail.ru