Yuri Dmitrievich Obukhov

Full Name, date of birth: Yuri Dmitrievich Obukhov, 1941.

Phone, e-mail: 49-27-52, 8-701-516-94-31

Position: Professor of the Department “Mining aerology and labor protection”  of Saginov KTU

Education: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, specialty “mining engineer”.

In Department works: since 1963 in Karstu (Karpti): the trainee, the teacher, the graduate student, the assistant, the senior teacher, the associate Professor.

Work in other departments and organizations: head of the Department, Dean of the faculty of Geoecology and mining, Secretary of the party Committee, Chairman of the trade Union.

Main research interests: Industrial ecology, environmental management, environmental protection, mining.

Membership in scientific and professional societies:

- Member of the city Council of veterans;

- Member of the regional Council of veterans;

- Member of the Presidium of the regional Council of veterans of education and science.

Awards and additional rewards:

- Sign of “Mining glory” I, II, III degree;

- Medal ” Eren enbegi ushin» ;

- Sign ” Winner of the socialist competition» ;

- Medal ” A. Baitursynov» ;

- Medal ” veteran of labor»; ;

- Badge ” Honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan» ;

- Medal ” 100 years of academician A. S. Saginov» ;

- Medal ” veteran movement of Kazakhstan 30 years» ;

- Sign ” Best ecologist» ;

- Medal “25 years of the International anti-nuclear movement” Nevada-Semey”;

- Diploma of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Awarded the title of “Honored worker of KSTU”.

Disciplines and courses:

-          Labour protection;

-          Life safety and labor protection;

-          Ecology of the mining industry.

Advanced training:

1. course “Strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Kazakhstan”, 5-6 November 2015, Karaganda;

2.”ST RK ISO/IEC14001-2015 environmental management System” November 9-10, 2015, Karaganda KSTU;

3. “Environmental protection and regulation of natural resources” in the Management of natural resources and RP (24.05.2018-02.06.2018);

4. LLP “Ekoexpert”, “Environmental design and regulation” and “Laboratory and analytical studies of environmental quality” (2018, June);

5. “The degree of use and disposal of toxic waste in Kazakhstan” November 2-3, 2015;

6. Course “Environmental assessment and monitoring – tools of environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution” 11-12 November 2015, Karaganda;

7. Course “Rational use of water resources in Kazakhstan and Central Asia” October 29-30, Karaganda;

8. Course “waste Disposal of mining and processing enterprises” 14.04.2014-26.04.2014 Tomsk;

9. the Department of ecology in the Karaganda region “Industrial ecology”, 15.09.2014-28.09.2019 years;

10.”Fundamentals of innovative education in a modern University”, Karaganda 2014.