Rakhimberlina Aigerim Amantayevna

Name, year of birth: Rakhimberlina Aigerim Amantayevna, 1986

Phone, e-mail: +7-778-4593332, altuwa1986@mail.ru

Position: assistant of the Department ” Mining aerology and labor protection”


- Karaganda economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, bachelor of Finance, 2008. ;

- Karaganda state technical University, bachelor of engineering and technology in specialty 5B073100 “life safety and environmental protection”, 2016;

- Karaganda state technical University, master of technical Sciences in specialty 6M073100 “life safety and environmental protection”, 2017.

Work in the Department:

- 2008-2010-Secretary of the faculty of Geoecology;

- 2010-2014-Senior laboratory assistant of the Department ” Mining aerology and labor protection” ;

- 2014-2015-Engineer of the Department of ” mining aerology and labor protection” ;

- 2017 – till present-assistant of the Department “Mining aerology and labor protection”.

Main research interests: labor protection, life safety.

Major publications in the last 5 years:

- Sh. Shapalov, Khodjaev R. R., Suleimenov N. M., Naukenova A. S., huangan N., Rakhimberlina S. A., Altybaev G. M. Cumulative influence of informative features on the assessment of the condition of the fire situation in the sealed areas of coal mines. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 2 (428) Almaty. NAS RK, March-April 2018. Scopus;

- Kozlov V. N., Kudryavtsev S. S., Tseshkovskaya S. A., Matonin V. V., Emelin P. V. Rakhimberlina A. A. On the introduction of a unified approach to the classification of chemically hazardous objects in the Republic of Kazakhstan. – Scientific and technical journal ” Monitoring. Science and technology ” No. 3 (36) 2018. Publishing house OOO “Csmain”, Russia. Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, 2018;

- Zholmagambetov N. R., Balgabekov T. K., Aidarbeksky S. O., Zholmagambetov S. R., Suleimenov N. M., Rakhimberlina A. A. Impact of technical elements on air dust movement in the industrial aspiration system of positioning airtubes. Bulletin of science No. 4 (95), Kazakh agrotechnical University.S. Seifullina S. Seifullina. Astana. Two thousand seventeen;

- Zholmagambetov N. R., Medeubaev N. A., D. Narodkhan, D. Syzdybaeva D. S. Rakhimberlina S. A. Analysis of the causes of spontaneous combustion of sulfide ores. XVIII international scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of ecology and water use” November 22-24, 2017. Federal state educational INSTITUTION “Russian University of peoples ‘friendship” (RUDN) Moscow;

- Medeubaev N. A., Orozova str., Zhumasheva Z. D., Zholmagambetov N. R., Rakhimberlina A. Investigation of air dustiness in the conduct of technological operations. Work of the University № 4 Karaganda, KSTU, 2018.

Disciplines and courses:

Autumn semester:

-          labor Protection (laboratory classes-28 hours per week);

-          Basics of life safety and labor protection (laboratory classes-4 hours a week, seminars – 2 classes a week).

Spring semester: fundamentals of life safety and labor protection (laboratory classes-10 hours per week, seminar classes-1 lesson per week).

Advanced training:

- 21.05.2018-02.06.2018, ” Modern systems of labor protection management. Training courses on the program “risk Assessment and management at the enterprise”, NPCC “Geomark”, Karaganda. 2018.;

- “Center for assistance to victims of destructive religious movements”NGO” Nurly Bilim”, a training course aimed at improving religious literacy.Karaganda. 2018.;

- 19.11.2018-30.11.2018 “Information tools for authors of scientific publications” 3 hours. Online research workshop on Clarivate Analytics resources;

- 19.112018-30.11.2018 “Information tools for the analysis of scientific activity” 3 hours. Online research workshop on Clarivate Analytics resources;

- 19.112018-30.11.2018 “Practical recommendations for publication in international journals” 3 hours. Online research workshop on Clarivate Analytics resources;

- 06.11.2017 -10.11.2017 ” Management in education “within the framework of the project” training of domestic and foreign specialists in pedagogical specialties on the basis of the best international standards in the field of management in the field of training ” seminar courses Karstu, Karaganda. 2017.