Khmyrova Yelena Nikolayevna


Full name, date of birth: Khmyrova Yelena Nikolayevna, December 12, 1961.

Work experience: total experience – 44 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 34 years.

Position: Head of the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy.

University, specialty and date of graduation: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, “Mine surveying” in 1987.

Academic degree, academic rank: Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 25.00.16 – Mining and Oil and Gas Geology, Geophysics, Surveying and Subsoil Geometry, 2010, KSTU.

Employment in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

1988-1989. – Engineer of Laboratory “Rock displacement” of Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

1989-1990. – Researcher of the laboratory “Rock Displacement”, Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

1990 -1993 postgraduate student in the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy. – Postgraduate student at the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

1993-1995 – lecturer in the department of surveying and geodesy. – Teacher in the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

1995-2017 – Senior lecturer in the Department of Mine Surveying. – Senior lecturer in the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy

2017-present – Head of the Department of Mine Surveying and Geodesy.

Main scientific interests: Study of geometrization and peculiarities of mineral deposits, providing digital technologies for mine surveying at open pit and underground mines, development of methods and programs for monitoring the condition of engineering and technogenic structures.

Major Publications:

Has more than 250 scientific works and publications, including 3 textbooks recommended by MES RK; 10 textbooks recommended by MESRK; 6 monographs, 12 articles in highly ranked journals, 7 innovation patents, 14 SIS; 22 textbooks recommended by the scientific council of KTU, participation with publications and reports at international scientific and practical conferences, forums, congresses.

Subjects read in the academic year: Methodology and methods of scientific research, Forecasting and expert evaluation of transport equipment, Production operation of technological machines, Mechanization of loading and unloading operations, Operation of machines for earthworks, Fundamentals of technical operation of TT.

Advanced training:

From 24.07.15 to 12.08.2015. – Professional development in the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography “Increase of information competence in professional activity of the teacher of higher education institution in the field of sciences about the Earth”;

From 02.04.18 to 21.04.2018. – advanced training in the Institute of Engineering Pedagogy KSTU “Modern technologies of management in education and entrepreneurship”;

From 02.05.18 to 18.05.2018. – advanced training at the Institute of Engineering Pedagogy KSTU “Planning the strategic development of the university”;

- 11.06.16 – 22.06.2016 – advanced training in National Mineral Resources University “Mining” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia);

- 12.07.16 – 23.07.2016. – Internship in the Research Geodetic, Topographic and Cartographic Institute (NIGTCI) (Prague, Czech Republic);

- 7.10.16 to 9.10.16 – advanced training of experts at a training workshop of the NAAR on the program “International Practice of the External Evaluation of Education Quality” ( Astana, Kazakhstan. (Astana, Kazakhstan);

- 12.10.16г. – 29.10.2016 – internship at SSGPO JSC on the program “Laser geoscanning of instrumental massifs” (Rudny, Kachar pit of SSGPO JSC);

- from 21.11.16 to 30.11.2016. – Professional development under the program SPIID-2 “UAS Mapping” within the framework of the State Program of Industrial-Innovative Development (SPIID-2). Michigan Technological University Dr. E. Levin (Karaganda, KSTU);

- from 15.05 to 26.05.2017. – Internship at the company AMT JSC on the program “Technology of electron laser survey of underground complexes of mine shafts”, (Karaganda, AMT JSC);

- from 2 to 18 2018. – advanced training in the Center for Engineering Pedagogy;

- February 2019 – training seminar “Specialized accreditation of educational programs of higher education institutions”, Kazakhstan Association for Engineering Education, KAZSEE;

- 8.11 – 24.11.2021. – Internship in Geoinfo LLP on the program “Possibilities of using ArcGIS geoinformation systems in preparing bachelors and masters graduates” (Karaganda, Geoinfo LLP);

- from 9.12 to 23.12.2021 – training at National Open University “Intuit” on the course “Internet Security”;

- 07.12 – 17.12.2021 – training in TOPODRONE company “Performing geodetic surveying and photogrammetric data processing”;

- 27.05 to 01.06.2022- training in RAM TRADE company “Using tools of ENVI+IDL software package for processing and analysis of remote sensing data”.

Contact information: office phone 56-26-27

Resources of the Republican Interuniversity Digital Library

Monograph – Study of Stability of Buildings and Structures (2016);

Surveyor Scientific School of Central Kazakhstan (2020).


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