Tusupbekov Zharkyn Amantaevich


Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Position Senior Lecturer of the Department of the ANC and the SRS


Tusupbekov Zharkyn Amantaevich, higher education. He graduated from the Karaganda State University. E.A. Buketov specialty “Cultural Studies”. In 2008 he graduated from the magistracy.

Tusupbekov Zh.A. He has been working at the Karaganda State Technical University since 2005. He is currently a senior lecturer in the department of “Social and Humanities Disciplines”.

During his work he published 1 textbook and 1 monograph co-authored, more than 25 scientific articles, developed 3 electronic textbooks on culturology and philosophy, is responsible for the department for educational work.

Work phone 565932

Internal phone 2052

Email Address zh.tusupbekov@gmail.com