Khmelnitskaya Olesya Mikhailovna



Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Position Senior Lecturer of the Department of the ANC and the SRS


Khmelnitskaya Olesya Mikhailovna – teacher of the department of the State Revenue Service.

In 2004 she graduated from Karaganda State University. E.A. Buketova specialty “Historian – country historian, history teacher, referent translator.” Since 2004 she has been working as a teacher in the department of the State Social-Technical Department of KarSTU In 2013, he was awarded the academic degree of the Master of Social Sciences, with a degree in Sociology.

In 2004 she was hired at Karaganda State Technical University as a teacher in the department of social and humanitarian disciplines.

Conducts classes in the following disciplines: “Sociology”, “Fundamentals of Law.” During her work, she developed (co-authored) the MEMC, RUE, syllabuses in the taught disciplines “Sociology”, “Political Science”. Co-authored the textbook on the discipline “Sociology” and developed a basic version of an electronic textbook on the discipline “Political Science.”

Work phone 565932

Internal phone 2052

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