Turebaeva Gulnara Beisegaziyevna

Туребаева бел

Faculty of power engineering, automation and telecommunications

Master of physics

Senior Lecturer

Finished the city council of the Karaganda state university of the name of academician E. A. Buketov in 2008 on speciality “General physics”.
Theme of master’s degree dissertation: “Design of physical transients”.
Turebaeva G. B., finishing with a difference a physical faculty КаrSU in 2008, got qualification: master’s degree of physics. Teacher.
From September, 2008 works as a teacher on the department of physics of KSTU.
Basic advanced studies:
-     “Computer design of physical processes by means of package of MathCad”. Publishing house: magazine Academy of pedagogical sciences of Kazakhstan, 2013;
-       “About application of computer design of physical processes in an educational process”. Publishing house: magazine  Academy of pedagogical sciences of Kazakhstan, 2013;
-     “Examples of decision of tasks on physics with the use of the computer programs”. Publishing house: magazine of Academic Publishing House Researcher, “European researcher”, 2014;
-     “To the problem of computer design of physical processes”, International research and practice conference “Science and education are a leading factor of strategy of “Кazakhstan-2030″, Karaganda: publishing House КSTU 2012.
-     “Possibilities of the use of IT in teaching of physics”. International research and practice conference “Science, education and production, is leading factors Strategies of “Kazakhstan – 2050″, Karaganda:  publishing House КSTU.
Electronic train aid is published in Kazakh language: “Магнит өрісі. Электромагниттік тербелістер мен толқындар”, “Механика және молекулалық анықтамалық”, for independent work of student of in absentia separation on-course “Physicist 1″, “Electricity” in  Russian language.
For the increase of pedagogical mastery and capture completed course skills of innovative methods of educating increase of pedagogical qualification at КSTU: “Corel Draw and Photoshop”, “Kazakh”, “Pedagogical mastery”, “English”.

Contact information: Phone: 8 (7212) 56-59-32 (ext.2027)

Physics 2