Tskhay Natalya Leonidovna

Цхай Faculty: Mechanical Engineering
Department of Foreign Languages
Academic degree: Position: Teacher

- 2006-2008 – Karaganda State Industrial University, Temirtau; Faculty of Ferrous and Nonferrous metallurgy; Specialty: Bachelor of metallurgy
- 1992-1996 – Karaganda State University named by Е.А. Buketov, Karaganda; Philological faculty;
Specialty: Teacher of English and French languages.

Work Experiences :
8/09/2002 – 16/11/2018 JSC «ArcelorMittal Temirtau»
08/09/2002 –16/06/2003 – Engineer-interpreter of Pool department
16/06/2003 -01/05/2003 – Assistant of general manager of rolling mills
01/05/2003 –03/01/2007 – Assistant of Pool department
03/01/2007 – 01/09/2008 – Assistant of Bureau on Coordination of translation
01/09/2008 –01/12/2008 – Assistant of Project Construction department
01/12/2008 –01/04/2009 – Assistant of Executive Director
01/04/2009 – 16/11/2018 – Specialist, Marketing department (Sea logistic);

Participation in international conferences, as interpreter:

    HRKMP (RSA), SinterPlant KMP (Kazakhstan), CCM KMP (USA), Refractory ТСО (France).

  • Technical personal support in business trip in CCM’ project (mechanic, hydraulic, operational technique): theoretical and practical training abroad: Germany, Austria, USA.
  • Technical personal support in business trip in Bar Mill’ project (mechanic, hydraulic, operational technique):theoretical and practical training abroad: Italy.

Work phone:11-52
E-mail: tshnat@mail.ru