Suimbayeva Aigerim Maratovna


Full Name, date of birth: Suimbayeva Aigerim Maratovna, 1986.

Phone, e-mail: +7-778-430-12-15,
Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of RA and OT, 0.5 rates.
Education: Karaganda State University named after EA. Buketova, Bachelor of Geography, 2008, Master of Natural Sciences, 2010
teacher (2012-2014); Senior Lecturer of the department of RA and OT (2015 to the present).
Main research interests: ecology, geomechanics, environmental protection.
Major publications over the past 5 years:

Oralova А., Tcoy N., Obukhov Yu., Matonin V., Suimbayeva A., Auelbekova A. Researching of the radiation situation in Karaganda region, Materials of the VII International research and practice conference “European Science and Technology” – Germany, 23-24 april 2014 – P.530-532

Kabylbekova G., Suimbayeva A., Auelbekova A., Zhumadilov S. Definitions of interrelation of emissions of harmful substances in stocky layer of the atmosphere and desease of the population of specific region, 3 Scientific and practical conference “Development of scientific thought in the 21st century – problems and perspectives” – Latvia, 21 february 2014.

Oralova А., Tcoy N., Obukhov Yu., Matonin V., Suimbayeva A., Auelbekova A. Радиационная обстановка г.Караганды, Россия, Журнал «Альманах современной науки и образования», Tambov, №11, 2014.

Imashev A., Suimbayeva A., Takhanov D., Zholmaganbetov N. NEWS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN. SERIES OF GEOLOGY AND TECHNICAL SCIENCES (Scорus 0.142, Web of Science, КазБЦ 0,118) «Research of possible zones of inelastic deformation of rock mass», №2-2018.

Imashev A., Suimbayeva A., Bakhtybayev N., Batyrshaeva Zh. The Republican scientific-technical magazine “University’s works”.

  • Subjects and courses:

Industrial safety of mining production.

Fundamentals of mining production.