Scherbakova Elena Petrovna


Mechanic engineering faculty

Academic degree: PhD

Academic rank:

Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy


Scherbakova Elena, 1984, nationality: Russian

She graduated from Karaganda State Technical University with a degree in Materials Science and Technology of New Materials in 2007.

She entered the magistracy in the specialty “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials” under the state educational grant in 2008. She graduated with honors from KSTU with an academic degree, Master of Materials Science and Technology of New Materials in 2010.

She entered the doctoral program in the state educational grant in the specialty “Metallurgy” at KSTU in 2011.

In 2014, she successfully defended her thesis on “Development of the technology for manufacturing cast billets for mining equipment in sand and resin forms” at the dissertation council “Metallurgy and Materials Science” at the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev. March 27, 2015 Shcherbakova E.P. awarded the title of Doctor PhD in the specialty “Metallurgy”.

Since September 1, 2015 she has been working at the Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy as a senior lecturer.

She won the state scholarship for young scientists in 2016.

Since 2016, she is the scientific secretary of the Dissertation Council in the specialty 6D070900 “Metallurgy” at the Karaganda State Technical University.

Shcherbakova E.P. actively engaged in research in the field of metallurgy and the introduction of the latest teaching technologies in the educational process. She has developed modern teaching and methodological complexes (syllabuses) in a number of special disciplines: “Chemical-thermal treatment”, “Theory and technology of chemical-thermal processing”, “Planning and processing of experimental results” in the specialties “Materials science and technology of new materials” and “ Metallurgy”.

In the period of educational and public work Shcherbakova EP She did not stop to engage in scientific activities in the field of obtaining materials with improved performance properties, combining it with high-quality and timely performance of her duties. Currently Shcherbakova E.P. published more than 125 scientific and educational works, including 7 monographs, 6 study guides, 15 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan; a positive decision was received on the grant of a Eurasian patent. The results of scientific research are published in foreign specialized journals with a non-zero impact factor from the list of the Scopus, Thomson, RSCI database, in publications included in the list of ESMC of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as Metallurgist (IF Thomson 0.294, Scopus 0.255), Metalurgija ( IF Scopus 0.388), Foundry ”(IF RSCI 0.225),“ Metallurgy of Mechanical Engineering ”(IF RSCI 0.288),“ Casting and Metallurgy ”(Belarus, RSCI 0.213),“ University Proceedings ”(IF KazCB 0.024),“ Vestnik KazNTU ”( IF KazCB 0,031) as well as in the proceedings of international and national scientific and practical conferences.

She has a Hirsch Index – 2 in the Scopus database and the Web of Science database -2.

Currently, Scherbakova E.P. is an executor of state budget topics: “Creation, development and implementation of technologies for the production and processing of wear-resistant materials of a new generation to obtain parts of metallurgical units” (agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 217 dated March 20, 2017); “Development and implementation of the production of sand-tar molds under unsteady pressure in order to improve the quality of the finished product” (contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 198-6 dated March 16, 2018) and the executive officer “Improving the manufacturing technology of precision castings from complex alloyed steels with homogenized structure and improved properties using raw materials of Kazakhstani content ”(contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 198-8 of March 16, 2018); Senior Researcher of the commercialization project with JSC

Science Fund.

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