Pitirimova Tatyana Vladimirovna


Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Department of Foreign Languages

Academic degree: Master of Philological Sciences

Position: teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages

Member of the Access Alumni Community



Educational institution: Modern Humanitarian Academy (Moscow)

Specialty: Linguist-translator (Department of Foreign Philology)



Educational institution: Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz

Specialty: Accounting and audit


2020-2022 Master’s degree

Educational institution: Karaganda University named after. Academician Buketov

Specialty: Foreign Philology (English)



Place of work: Astana School of Business and Technology, Ustaz, Cambridge School

Years of operation: from 2016-2022

Position: English language trainer


Place of work: Aviation Training Technical Center “Balapan”

Years of operation: 2017-2018

Position: simultaneous interpreter, aviation English teacher for flight personnel and cadets.


Place of work: KSTU center “Trinity”.

Years of operation: 2015-2012

Position: English teacher


Place of work: Customs post “Karaganda-Auto” (CORAL SI LTD LLP)

Years of work: 2012-2007

Position: customs clearance specialist, translator


Place of work: Rital LLP

Years of operation: 2007-05

Position: manager-translator


2022 – present – teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages “NAO KarTU named after Abylkas Saginov”.


Scientific and methodological works:

1. “Professionally oriented English for Electric Power Engineers” – for specialty 6B67109 – Electrical power engineering. MOOC from 03/01/2023

2. “A methodology for teaching listening, writing, reading and speaking skills in learning English.” CIP No. 32800 dated 02/18/2023

3. Pitirimova T.V. “Ethnocultural features of speech etiquette.” //Best research work: Collection of articles of the XXX international research competition. – Penza ICNS “Science and Education” 2021.- pp. 66-68.

4. Pitirimova T.V. “The functional significance of irony in socio-political discourse” // Materials of the VI International competition of scientific research works of students, undergraduates and graduate students “In the world of science: issues of philology, linguodidactics and translation studies.”: in 2 parts. Part 1 Questions and teaching methods foreign languages and intercultural communication. – Cheboksary: Chuvash. state ped. univ., 2022. -pp. 252-257.

5. Pitirimova T.V., Tibinko N.D. “Specificities of ironic speech etiquette in socio-political discourse” // Materials of the international scientific and practical conference “Science and education in the modern world”. – Karaganda: RIO “Bolashak-Baspa” 2022-1 volume. – pp. 185-188.

6. Pitirimova T.V., Bogdanova A.A. “Sociocultural competence as a key to the formation of intercultural communication of students” // Modern scientific research in the field of pedagogy and psychology. Collection of scientific papers of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference dated November 17, 2022, Kirov.

7. Pitirimova T.V., Dosanov B.U. “Architecture or architecture.” Innovative approaches to solving scientific problems // Collection of works based on materials from the X International Competition of Scientific Research Works (October 24, 2022, Ufa). // – Ufa: Publishing house. Scientific Research Center Bulletin of Science, 2022. – 74 p.

8. Pitirimova T.V., Asadova A.G., “Modern architectural styles. deconstructivism, metabolism, minimalism.” Innovative ideas of young researchers // Collection of scientific articles based on the materials of the IX International Scientific and Practical Conference (October 25, 2022, Ufa) // – Ufa: Publishing house. Scientific Research Center Bulletin of Science, 2022. – 161 p.

9. Pitirimova T.V., Antonchik P.I. “The architecture of brutalism – to demolish or to preserve? // Republican student scientific conference “Contribution of youth science in the implementation of the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the university. April 14-15, 2023

10. Pitirimova T.V., Asadova A.G. “Gothic architecture is derived from Romanesque architecture. Gothic before and now // Republican student scientific conference “Contribution of youth science in the implementation of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the university. 14-15.04.2023

11. Pitirimova T.V. “The use of digital and information and communication technologies in teaching foreign languages for special purposes” // VI International Scientific Practical Conference “Teaching English in a Professional Context: Traditions, Innovations, Prospects”. Part of the RSCI. May 12-13, 2023

12. Pitirimova T.V. “Trends in modern linguodidactics in teaching foreign languages.” //Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Kazakhstan branch. Philological science in the modern educational space. Materials of the International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the Year of the Russian language as a language of interethnic communication in the CIS. Astaga, 2023. 04/28/2023

13. Pitirimova T.V. “Development of universal competencies of future specialists through a foreign language in Kazakhstan.” //IV International Scientific and Practical

14. Pitirimova T.V. “The specificity of ironic speech etiquette in social and political discourse” // Scientific Research Center Bulletin of Science, Fundamental and applied scientific research in the modern world. K-351-314 dated 02.2023

15. Pitirimova T.V., Bogdanova A.A. “English medium instruction in higher education institutions: principles, criteria, and challenges”// Journal “Abylay Khan atyndagy KazKhҚzhәneӘTU Khabarshysy / News of KazAUMOiML named after Abylay Khan”, series “Philological Sciences” Volume 70 No. 3 from 2023-09-24

Scientific and pedagogical interests:

1. Teaching English as a foreign language.

2. Content-integrated language learning (CLIL).

3. Professionally oriented teaching of foreign languages.

4. Preparation for the IELTS test.

Internal telephone: 11-52

Email address: 26061984@mail.ru