Mukarkhan Kulia


Faculty: fit

Position: lecturer of the Department of Hiht

Biography: higher Education. The specialty 5B011200-biology.Work experience: 19 years.

Education: In 2006 she graduated from the academician E. A. Buketov Karsu with a degree in biology. In 2012-2013 teacher of biological disciplines of medical College of Karaganda State medical University.

Work experience: in 1999-2011 she was a teacher of secondary school №8 Besoba. Congratulations!!! In 2012-2013 she taught biology at the medical College of Moscow state University. In 2013-2015 she graduated from the master’s degree of JSC “Astana Medical University”. Since 2015 he has been working at Karaganda Technical University as a teacher of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies.

Publications: assessment of radiation exposure of workers in industrial enterprises with high background radiation. Materials of the International scientific and practical conference Zoology at the turn of the century 27-28 March 2014 (Karaganda). Radiation situation on the territories of Kulan and Oykaragay coal deposits Collection of abstracts of the V International scientific-practical conference “Medical-biological and radioecological problems in uranium mining regions” on June 19-20, 2014 (Astana). Radiation state of uranium and coal deposits. “Astana medical University “Journal of JSC” Astana Medical University”, №2, 2015

Work phone: 56-79-32
Email address:

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