Kinayatov Margulan Askarovich


Faculty: fit
Position: Senior lecturer of the Department of Hiht

2005-2009 — bachelor of biology at Pavlodar state pedagogical Institute;
2009-2011 – EA Master of science, Kargu. B. Buketova.

2011-2015 — senior lecturer of the Department of molecular biology and medical genetics of Karaganda state medical University;
Period 2015-2016. Senior lecturer of the Department “Defectology and social work” in the Central Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences.

Proceedings :
He published 36 scientific articles, including 18 articles on 2 factors of influence, 11 theses, 4 manuals, practical and laboratory works. Certificate of state registration of rights to 3 objects of copyright. Committee on intellectual property rights of the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Professional skills and knowledge:
Participated in the implementation of the scientific grant “Development of drugs and remedies for reproductive health disorders at the molecular and cellular level during the rotten invasion»;
Participated in the scientific-technical unit, “Integrated approaches to the management of the health of the residents of Aralsk»;

Work phone: 56-79-32

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