Medvedeva Irina Evgenievna


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Academic degree: none

Academic title: none

Position: Senior lecturer “Nanotechnology and Metallurgy”


Medvedeva Irina Evgenievna 1959. Russian, higher education, graduated from KPTI in 1983, specialty “Foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals”,

Senior lecturer of the Department of “NTM” of Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov

From 1983-1986, she worked at the AZTM plant in Almaty as a technologist of the department of the chief metallurgist. From 1986 to 1999, she worked at the machine-building plant No. 1 in Karaganda as a foundry technologist. In 2003, she joined the Department of MLP and KM of KarSTU as an engineer.

From 01.12.2005 to 09.10.2006, she worked at the department as an assistant.

From 09.2006 to 2009 he worked at the department as a teacher.

Since 2009, he has been working as a senior lecturer at the Department of NTM.

During the period of work at the department of I.E. Medvedeva, manuals, electronic textbooks, slide lectures, methodological guidelines for practical, SRSP and laboratory classes have been developed. He is a co-author of 15 manuals.

She co–authored educational and methodological complexes of teachers for the specialties “Metallurgy”, 5 “Materials Science and technology of new materials”. Actively participates in research work together with students.

He is respected by the staff of teachers and students.

Medvedeva I.E. conducts classes quite competently, she is a hardworking, executive, punctual person; constantly improves her knowledge. During her work, she proved to be a qualified specialist. Conducts educational work among students.

Work phone: 8(7212) 565935 ext. 1024

Internal phone: 1024

Email address:

Scientific papers:


Work phone: 8(7212) 565935 ext. 1024

Internal phone: 1024

Email address:

Scientific works:

1. COXON’s article “The use of internal refrigerators

when casting according to gasified models” Medvedeva I.E., Tulegenova Sh.N., Malashkevich E.I. No. 4 2021.

2. Balbekova, B.K. , Medvedeva I.E.Powder and composite materials in mechanical engineering : a textbook for students and undergraduates of mechanical engineering specialties

3. Issin, D.K. Physical Properties of Materials ahd Determination of their Main Characteristics [Electronic resource] : tutorial / D. K. Issin, Y. S. Platonova, I. Ye. Medvedeva,

4. Kulikov, V.Yu. New materials [Electronic resource] : tutorial for students of a specialty 5B071000 “Materials science and technology of new materials”, 5B070900 “Metallurgy” / V. Yu. Kulikov, I. Ye. Medvedeva, Ye. S. Platonova, 2019. – 70 p

5. Design of technological processes and materials [Electronic resource] : textbook for students of specialty 5B071000 and undergraduates of specialty 6M071000 “Materials science and technology of new materials” / L. S. Kipnis [et al.], 2019. – 91 p.

6. Article of the RSCI “Caster of Russia” Kipnis L.S., Medvedeva I.E. “On the elastic-viscous model of internal stress formation in thin-walled castings of complex configuration”. No. 12. 2019

7. Patents: No. 4578 Method of manufacturing shell molds. 2019 No. 4580 Method of forming refractory products. twothousandnineteen

8. The Eurasian Patent Office “Method of manufacturing of pnschano-resin forms” 18.11.2019