Malashkevichute E.I.

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Academic degree: Master of Mechanical Engineering

Academic title:

Position: Senior Lecturer of the Department of Nanotechnology and Metallurgy


Malashkevichute E.I. in 1989 she graduated from the full-time department of the Karaganda Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Machinery and Foundry Technology with the title of Mechanical Engineer. After graduating from the institute in 1989, she was hired at the KPTI in the department of “Machines, foundry technology and structural materials.”

In 2005 she graduated with honors from the Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering. Since 2005 he has been working as a senior lecturer at the department of NTM.

He takes part in scientific, technical and international conferences in Kazakhstan, Russia, and abroad. Participates in research work among students, the head of the winner of the competition “Golden Hephaestus”.

Author of scientific articles of near and far abroad. Courses taught: “Metal Science and Heat Treatment”, “Hardening of parts in mechanical engineering”, “Surface hardening”, “Product quality control”, “Thermo-mechanical processing”, “Metal science of special steels and alloys”, Chemical-thermal treatment”, “Processing methods metal pressure”. In collaboration with the teachers of the department, she developed and published a manual – Virtual laboratory work “Measurements of compressive strength”, in the discipline “Mechanical properties of materials”.

He is an advisor and curator of the master’s program of the educational program 7M07102 – Materials Science and Technology of New Materials.

Scientific works:

1. “The use of internal refrigerators when casting on gasified models.”

2. Development of an inductor for the «Stator» part. Material and Mechanical engineering technology. State Technical University, Karaganda State, 2022.

3. Installation for Drying and Heat Treatment of Bulk Materials. Material and Mechanical engineering technology.

4. “Units for heat treatment of powder fillers of composite materials. Republican student scientific conference “The contribution of youth science to the implementation of the Strategy” Kazakhstan – 2050 “.

SIS received:

For tutorials:

1. No. 24141 dated March 4, 2022 Design of foundries

2. No. 24140 dated March 4, 2022 Fundamentals of the design of metallurgical facilities.

For guidelines:

1. No. 24139 dated March 4, 2022 Design of technological processes and materials.

For article:

1. No. 18065 05/27/2021 Influence of modifiers on the mechanical properties of low-chromium cast iron