Makashev Bayzhuma Katiraevich

Name, date of birth: Makashev Bayzhuma Katiraevich, 1959

Phone, e-mail: 8 777 338 14 80

Position: associate Professor of “Ore aerology and labor protection”.

Education: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (Karaganda state technical University), specialty “transport and transport economy”, 1981, mechanical engineer, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor (IEC RK), doctor of technical Sciences (MAN and I, Russia, Moscow).

Work in the Department: from 01.02.2019 associate Professor of the Department “Mining aerology and labor protection” KSTU;

Functioning in other departments and organizations:

- 03.03.2000-03.01.2019. Zhezu: associate Professor, head of the Department, Director of the mining and technology Institute, Vice-rector for postgraduate education and science;

- 27.03.1995-03.03.2000-Kazakhmys Corporation: Deputy head of the personnel Department, head of the training and course plant, educational and methodical head of the labor protection Center, chief engineer for labor protection of the Corporation;

- 18.11.1993-27.03.1995-Deputy head of the Department of vocational education of Zhezkazgan region;

- 22.08.1988-06.11.1989 – Chief engineer of the district production Association ” Agropromtekhnika» ;

- 16.10.1982-30.06.1988 g., 09.11.1989-22.11.1993-assistant, senior lecturer Karpti;

- 01.07.1988-22.08.1988 – engineer, head of Zhezkazgan regional production laboratory of mechanization PTUS;

- 08.08.1981-05.02.1982 gg. – Foreman mechanic PPP;

Main research interests: operational safety of vehicles.

Major editions for 5 years:

-          On the issue of ensuring the safe operation of underground transport self-propelled equipment materials of the international STC”Baikonur”. Jesus, – 2014., Dzhunusov, I. V. Bulletin of Jesu to them. O. A. Baykonurova, Jesu, 2015. – No. 1. Of Bigeldinov A. O., Aimbetov G. B., A. Margolina;

-          Association of interests of business, the expert and the state – the main condition of modernization of system of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan Vestnik Zhezu. S. O. Baykonurova, Jesu, 2015. – No. 2;

-          Ways of prevention and prevention of fires in production / / Vestnik Zhezu im. O. A. Baykonurova, Jesu, 2016. – No. 2., Aimbetova G. B.;

-          The performance vehicles for freight transport//journal of Mining them. O. A. Baykonurova, Jesu, 2017. – No. 1., Aimbetov G. B., Migaldi new S. U., D. Orc;

-          Ways of automation of signal supply and fire extinguishing in production/ / Scientific works of KINEU( Kostanay), 2017. – No. 2 Katirai U. B.;

-          Requirements to the quality of ores in underground mining / / Collection of scientific papers of the 3rd International NPK “quality Management: search and solution”. From 27 to 29 November 2017.g. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sakenov.D., Lyanskaya O. V., Aimbetova G. B.;

-          Materials of the international STC “Baikonur readings”. Jesus, – 2017. Aimbetova G. B., Isenbeck N.;

-          Studying and assessing saffetu at work on underground transportation on self-propelled eguipment Web Of Scholar. Multidisciplinaruy Scientific Journal, RS Global. 4 (22), Vol.1, April 2018. Khamitova G. ZH., Maigteldinov A. U.;

-          Radar speed meter of cars. Materials of international scientific-technical conferences “Baikonur”read. Jesus, – 2018. Aimbetov G. B., S. Margolina;

-          An overview of some of the works of the academician K. I. Satpayev, dedicated to Kazakh culture. Materials of international scientific-technical conferences “Baikonur”read. Jesus, – 2018. Aimbetova G. B.;

-          Theoretical bases of labor protection at operation of underground transport of ore with diesel drive Monograph. (ISBN). Zhezkazgan: Zhezkazgan, 2016.;

Membership in scientific and professional societies: member of the regional poetry society “Nur kurysh”, member of the society of Amateur composers.

Awards and additional rewards:

- Diploma of Zhezkazgan city maslikhat (2003);

-Medal of honor of Zhezkazgan city maslikhat. O. baikonurova (2009);

- Certificate of honor of the mayor of Zhezkazgan (2014);

- Bronze medal named after A. Baitursynov Of the Association of universities of Kazakhstan.

Disciplines and courses: life safety and labor protection.