Bogdanova Anna Alekseyevna


Bogdanova Anna Alekseyevna

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Foreign Languages Department

Academic degree: Master of Humanities

Position: senior lecturer


1999-2004:         Karaganda State University named after Y.A. Buketov,

specialist of English philology

2011-2013:          The Central Kazakhstan Academy, Master by the specialty

6M020500 – “Philology”

Work experience: 19 years

Courses taught: “Foreign Language”, “Professionally-oriented Foreign Language”, “Basic

Course of English Language”, “Foreign Language in Professional Sphere”

Professional development:

2005           Workshop: “Current trends and approaches in teaching foreign languages of

student groups of different level”

2006             Workshop: “Ways with texts”

2009             School of lecturing skill at KSU named afterY.A. Buketov

2010             Workshop: “Cooperative learning workshop”

2011            Workshop: “The Transcultural world in a modern discourse”

2012           Workshop: “Professional development workshop”

2013           Workshop: “Development of applied didactic materials and

teaching technique in the conditions of credit and remote

teaching technologies”

2014.            School of lecturing skills at KSU named afterY.A. Buketov

2015           The Workshop of “Researcher Connect” organized by experts

British Council

2018             Remote course (108 hours) “The academic foreign language in higher education

institution”, Faculty of additional education of KSU named afterY.A. Buketov

2022            Training workshop: “Planning and integration of CLILtechnologies in the

education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan ”

2023            Coursera “English for Teaching Purposes”


2011           Practicum on development of professional communication skills in English

language: KSU named afterY.A. Buketov. – Karaganda, 2011. (10,6 p.p.).

Coauthors – Sakipova S. E., Tleuzhanova K.T.

2015            Practical Course on Electrodynamics and Special Theory of Relativity: KSU named

afterY.A. Buketov. – Karaganda, 2015.

2016.            English for specialties “Biotechnology”, “Biology”, “Ecology” / Educational

methodical manual: Evero. – Almaty, 2016.

2017            Basic course of English language (A2-B1 level): Educational and methodical

manual: KSU named afterY.A. Buketov. – Karaganda, 2017.


2018             Basics of Physical Electronics: Educational guidance: KSU named afterY.A.

Buketov. – Karaganda, 2018. – 108 p.

Research scope: Actual problems of Philology, Methods of Teaching