Imasheva Kulzhan Imashevna



Full name, date of birth: Imasheva Kulzhan Imashevna, August 15, 1965.

Work experience: total experience – 35 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 15 years.

Position: senior lecturer of the department “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”.

Which university, in what specialty and when graduated from: Karaganda State Technical University, “Engineering” in 2019.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences, specialty 6M071200 – Mechanical Engineering, 2019, KSTU.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2007-2010 – Lecturer of the department “Technology of Mechanical Engineering”

2010 to the present – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”

Main publications:

More than 50 scientific and methodological works, including:

- 1 article in journals included in the international Clarivate Analytics/SCOPUS databases with a non-zero impact factor;

- 10 articles in international conferences;

- 10 articles in journals of the CCSES and RSCI databases;

- 1 monograph;

- 30 study guides;

- 3 invention patents.

Subjects read in the academic year: Fundamentals of interchangeability; Qualimetry; Metrology.


04/16/2018 – 04/27/2018 – Repair and testing of hydraulic cylinders

01/17/2019 – Certificate, “Center for Assistance to Those Suffering from Destructive Religious Movements”

06/17/2019 – 07/05/2019 – Internship at MTZ OJSC, Minsk

11/12/2020 – 11/30/2020 – Internship at Maker LLP, Karaganda

Contact information: working phone: 56-59-35 (ext. 1066)