Name, date of birth: Kaliyaskarova Aizhan Zhasulanovna, born in 1978
Telephone, email: + 7-778-312-44-00,
Position: Associate Professor of MA LS.
Education: Karaganda State Technical University, Applied Ecology, 1999. Ph.D., associate professor.
Work in the department: since 2005, KSTU, RA and OT, associate professor.
Work in other divisions: Department of RA and OT: Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of the Department of RA and OT (2018 to the present).
Main research interests: labor protection and safety equipment, environmental protection.
Other responsibilities: responsible for the departmental protocols, the curator.
Trainings: Training Workshop on Engineering Pedagogy 15.05.2017-24.05.2017 Internship LLP training “Timerlan-2011″ 20.06-30.06.2016. Courses of “Environmental Protection and Environmental Management” 21.05.-02.06.2018.
Main publications for 5 years:·
Zholmagambetov NR, Balgabekov T. K., Kaliyaskarova A.Zh. The Bulletin of Science of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University. S. Seifullin, №4, 2017·
Subjects and courses:·        Methods and means of control (lectures – 1 hour per week, practical classes – 2 hours per week).·        Personal protective equipment (lectures – 1 hour per week, practical classes – 2 hours per week).·        Security management system (lectures – 1, an hour a week, practical exercises – 1 hour a week).