Nurpeisova Saule Kuzembaevna (Шаекина)


Faculty: Faculty of Architecture and Construction

Department: Russian Language and Culture

Academic degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Title: Associate Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Culture


- 1973г. – Karaganda State University, specialty “Russian language and literature

- 2006г. – Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Candidate of Philological Sciences in specialties: “Kazakh language, Turkic languages

- 2009г. – Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Assistant Professor on “Linguistics” specialty

Scientific and methodical works:

More than 70 scientific and educational-methodical works; including textbooks in the state language, scientific articles with the impact factor, 7 SIS, 1 monograph, developer of digital content in the specialty “Russian language”, “Professionally-oriented Russian language” (a set of video lessons).

The most significant scientific works are:

  1. Monograph / “Comparative analysis of the category of possessive in the Russian and Kazakh languages”. – Karaganda, 2023.
  2. Textbook for technical specialties / Ospanova B.R., Chuikina L.A., Nurpeisova S.K., etc.- Karaganda: KarGTU, 2015. – 185PP.
  3. Practicum of the Russian language for students of technical universities / Ospanova B.R., Chuikina L.A., Nurpeisova S.K. et al. – Karaganda: Publishing house of KarGTU, 2015. – 166PP.
  4. technical well-being of the world and the world / S.K. Nurpeisova, T.J. Jokebaeva (Faculty of Engineering Engineering) – Karagandy; Karaganda State Technical University, 2002.
  1. Zhol machinalari oku kuraly / Z.A. Moldagaliev, E.S. Bestembek, S.K. Nurpeisova ISBH 9965-710-95-3. Karagandy: KarMTU, 2004.
  2. “Qazaq tilindegі taueldіk categories” atty oku kurali. ISBH 9965-596-21-2. Karagandy: KarMTU, 2007.
  3. Guidelines for the discipline “Kazakh language and culture” -Ch.1. (for correspondence students of all specialties)-Karaganda: KSTU, 1998.
  4. Instructional instructions on course “Kazakh language and culture”-Ch. 2 (for students of correspondence departments of all specialties)-Karaganda: KSTU, 1998.
  5. Russian-Kazakh-English Dictionary of Technical Terms. 1.T. / Bakenov B.B., Balgabekov T.K., Daniyarov N.A. -Karaganda: KSTU, 2004. (Translator)
  6. Russian-Kazakh-English Dictionary of Technical Terms. 2. Vol./ Bakenov B.B., Balgabekov T.K., Daniyarov N.A.- Karaganda: KSTU, 2004. (Translator)
  7. Implementation of multilingual education: experience, problems and prospects // Bulletin of the Karaganda State University, series “Pedagogy” № 2 (78), 2015 (co-authored)
  8. The development of multilingual education on the basis of the use of innovative technologies // Bulletin of KSU named after Sh. Ualikhanov, Series “Pedagogy” № 3. 2016 (co-authored)
  9. The role of vocational training in the language training of university specialists // Bulletin of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov, series “Pedagogy” № 3. 2018.
  10. Professional ethics of speech behavior. Intellectual property certificate No. 4070 dated June 17, 2019.
  11. Application of innovative teaching technologies in the cognitive activity of students // Bulletin of KazNPU, Series “Philological Sciences” Vol.1 (75), 2021.
  12. Modern science in the educational process of the university. The certificate of intellectual property ¹15952 from 16.03.2021.
  13. Terminology menshiktilik katynasty bildiretin matas bailanys kan sөz tirkesterinin koldanyluy // Bulletin of Kazakh National University named after Abay, Series “Philological Sciences” T. № 3 (81), 2022.
  14. Nurpeisova S.K. Menshiktilik katynas zhane olerdy bildiretin formalar // International SCIENCE journal “Actual scientific research in the modern world”- issue 1 (93) Part 2. January 2023. – PP. 124 -129.
  15. Nurpeisova S.K. Taueldik magynany -niky, -diky, -tiky kosymshalarynyn keibir sipaty // International SCIENCE journal “Actual scientific research in the modern world”- issue 1 (93) Part 2. January 2023 – PP. 129-134.

NIRS: Provides scientific guidance for students to participate in various competitions, Olympiads, conferences of national, regional levels:

2020г. – In 2012 International educational project: “Russian text on pages of culture”, International Forum “Intercultural dialogue: Russia – Kazakhstan” (online).

2022г. – Business project “Art of Communication – the key to successful career” among young people of KSTU.

Information about advanced training:

“Strategy of modern university language education”-(Karaganda, TSSPIR), 2020.

“Actual aspects of continuous education: school-college-higher education (within the distance learning)-(Karaganda, KarTU), 2021.

“Use of digitalization tools in conditions of person-centered environment”- (Karaganda, CCCSPIR), 2022.

Social work

1994ã.- pro-forma of department “Kazakh language and culture”, courses of Kazakh language among employees, member of University Languages Committee.

2007 – 2019 – On the orders of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chairman of SAC for the final examinations of students in high schools (Karaganda State University named after Buketov) for language specialties of Kazakh and Russian departments. Mentor gr.TT-11-2 – “Best gr.TDF” – 1semester; “Best gr.universitet” – 2semester.

Currently – pro-forma chair, Member of the “Council of Spiritual and Moral Education” at the University.

Research interests:

Comparative grammar of Kazakh, Russian, English languages.

Distance learning, computer education, educational ICT

Phone: 2046