Kalinin Alexey Anatolievich

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Kalinin Alexey Anatolievich

Faculty of Innovative Technology
Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences
Academic title:
Position: Head of Department

List of scientific and scientific-methodological works


Kalinin Alexey Anatolyevich was born on May 27, 1976 in Karaganda.
In 1998 he graduated from KSTU with a degree in Electric Drive and Automation of Technological Complexes. Qualification – Electrical Engineer. Honors degree.
Since January 2001, he worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Automation of Production Processes of the Karaganda State Technical University.
2012-2014 – Full-time undergraduate of scientific and pedagogical magistracy in the specialty
“Thermal power” KSTU. Master of Engineering with a degree in Thermal Engineering, diploma with honors.
2015-2018 – Full-time doctoral student of doctoral studies in the specialty 6D071700 “Power” KarSTU.

Research interests: research and development of alternative sources of heat and energy supply; computer technologies for creating and modeling the dynamics of the behavior of objects; application development in high-level languages, html-pages.

Эл. почта Телефон
 a.kalinin@kstu.kz 56-59-32, вн.2054





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