Zhumatova Gulzat Mukhametkarimovna

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Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

Position.Senior teacher of the department of ANC and SRS


Zhumatova Gulzat Mukhametkarimovna teacher of the department of the ANC and the SRS. Graduate of 2007 Karaganda State University. EA Buketova specialty “Pedagogy and Psychology.”

In 2007, she took a job at Karaganda State Technical University as a teacher in the department of social and humanitarian sciences.

Author of a number of scientific articles and textbooks on the state language in the subjects of “Sociology”, “Political Science” (co-authored).

Master of Laws

Zhumatova Gulzat Mukhametkarimovnana conducts classes in the disciplines “Fundamentals of Law”, “Political Science”, “Sociology”.

Work phone: 56-69-32

Internal phone: 2052

Mail address: jumatova.86@mail.ru