Zhumabay Aidana Rymbekovna

Education: Higher, special “system of Information Security”, Qualification” Engineering and technology “(2014), Master’s degree in special” engineering and software”, Qualification” Master’s technical science ” (2016).

Academic experience: during the work in the map of 2019

The following disciplines: introduction to the BD, security of the BD, administration and application of BD, information and communication technologies.


- Certificate of passage of internship in the Czech Technical University in 2015.;

- Mook certificate for disciplines “safety of BD” (2022), “introduction to BD” (2023);

- On the introduction of Sweden in the State Register of rights to objects, published by the author’s Law No. 33062 from February 27, 2023.

The most important publications:

1. international scientific journal “Young Scientists”, № 4 (108) / 2016 – 50 S. et al. Kokkoz M. M.

2. “technologies for assessing the analytical quality and security of Information Systems”, Tru University, Kazakhstan, No. 1, 2016