Yurchenko Vasily Viktorovich



Full name, date of birt: Yurchenko Vasily Viktorovich, February 20, 1976..

Work experience: the total experience is 21 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 21 years.

Post: Head of the department “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”.

Which university, in which specialty and when did he graduate: 

1994-1999 – mechanical engineer, specialty “Technology of mechanical engineering” – Karaganda State Technical University.

1999-2001 – Master in Engineering Technology – Karaganda State Technical University.

2015 defended his doctoral dissertation PhD in mechanical engineering, Karaganda State Technical University. 

Academic degree, academic title: Doctor of Philosophy PhD in the specialty 6D071200 “Mechanical Engineering”, 2016, KSTU. 

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2008-2011 – design engineer of NPO “Progressive New Technologies” (design of equipment for the production of building materials).

2009-2010– Design Engineer of Technopark UniScienTech LLP.

Since 2014 – 2017 to present Design engineer of TemirMenMys LLP design and manufacture of hydrodynamic heaters

Since 2001 to 2017 – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Engineering Technology, Karaganda State Technical University.

In December 2015, he defended his PhD dissertation in mechanical engineering and in 2016 was awarded the PhD degree in the specialty 6D071200 Mechanical Engineering.

Since January 2018, he has been the head of the department “Technological equipment, mechanical engineering and standardization”. 

Main research interests:

Mechanical engineering, automation of production processes, computer-aided design systems, 3D modeling of industrial products, hardening of parts in mechanical engineering.

Main publications: 69 scientific papers have been published, including 5 monographs, 6 articles in Scopus, 20 articles in KKSON, 22 articles in the RSCI, 4 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1 patent of the Russian Federation, 12 CIF; 5 textbooks, 1 textbook under the heading of MES RK were issued.

Subjects taught in the academic year:  Fundamentals of scientific research, organization and planning of the experiment, Progressive technologies in mechanical engineering, Advanced production technologies, Development and management of technical projects.

Professional development:

- 2008, “Management of technological documentation”, LLP “Mashzavod No. 1″, Kazakhstan;

- 2008, “Personnel Management”, JSC SPZ, Kazakhstan;

- 2010, Metrological Service, National Institute of Metrology, Kazakhstan;

- 2010, “IT technologies”, Belgium, universities

- 2010, “IT technologies in the field of production”, Technical University of Berlin, Germany;

- 2011, “Reforming educational programs in the field of mechanical engineering”, Technical University of Berlin, Germany;

- 2014, “Quality management in the field of higher professional education”, Eurasian Academy, Bratislava, Slovakia;

- 2016, “Professional development in the field of quality management at machine-building enterprises”, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava;

- November 2017, “Automation of production processes, design and modeling of machine-building complex parts”, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava;

- November 2018, Development and design of engineering processes in the NX environment, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

- June 2019, “Research on the development of computer-aided design systems, algorithmization of processes, database creation”, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

- August 2019, “Vibration protection and vibration diagnostics of mechanical engineering projects”, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Contact information: working tel. 56-44-22 (ext. 1066)