Turdybekov Dastan Mukhtarovich

Турдыбеков Д.М.








Faculty of power engineering, automation and telecommunications

Head of the Department of Physics

Turdybekov Dastan Mukhtarovich graduated from Karaganda state University named after E. A. Buketov in 1995 in the specialty “Physics” with the qualification “teacher of physics, computer science and ingineering “.

From 2003 to 2006 he was a post-graduate student at the Institute of Phytochemistry of the MES RK. In 2007  he defended his PhD thesis in the specialty 02.00.04-physical chemistry on the topic ” Spatial structure of some acyclic and polycyclic derivatives of alkaloids. Since 2014-senior lecturer at the Department of systems and communication technology, since 2018-senior lecturer at the Department of physics of  KSTU. Since 2020 Acting head of department of physics of  IJSC “KTU”

D. M. Turdybekov is the author of more than 58 publications, including 44 articles and theses, received 2 certificates of intellectual property, published 14 reports in international and national conferences.

Is a qualified specialist in the application of  diffraction analysis and quantum chemical calculations in the study of molecules of natural compounds, in particular, the establishment of the spatial structure of these compounds. The H-Index- 6 (Scopus -6). The organic objects studied by Turdybekov D. M. were included in the Cambridge structural data Bank.


Contact details: 8 (7212) 565-932 (2027)

Е – mail: turdas@mail.ru