Тлеугабылова Махаббат Кудайбергеновна

Тлеугабылова ФОТО

Faculty: Energy, Automation and Telecommunications

Academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences

Academic title:

Position: lecturer of the Department of “Energy Systems”

Biography: higher education, 2008-2012 – KarSTU, bachelor’s degree in the specialty 5B071700 “Thermal Power Engineering”; 2014-2016 – KarSTU, master’s degree in the specialty 6M071700 “Thermal Power Engineering”; 2013-2015 – E.A.Buketov KarSU, second higher education in the specialty 5B030100 “Jurisprudence”.

Since 2012, she has worked as a head. laboratories of the Department of Energy, since 2013 she worked as a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of Energy; from 2014 to 2016 she was an engineer at the Department of Energy, since September 2017 she has been an assistant at the Department of Energy Systems, since October 2019 she has been a lecturer at the Department of Energy Systems.

He is a co-author of 10 electronic textbooks, 5 textbooks, 6 methodological guidelines on technical disciplines.

He has co-authored 22 scientific articles in collections of scientific papers, materials of national and international scientific and practical conferences.

Teaches laboratory and practical classes in subjects:

1. Electrical Engineering

2. CAD in the electric power industry

3. Transients in the electric power industry

4. Installation and operation of electrical equipment and electric lighting

Work phone: 567598

Internal phone number: 1027

Email address: fcldfrfcjdf@mail.ru