Filippova Tatiana Silinyevna



Full name, date of birth: Filippova Tatiana Silinyevna, 17.11.1967.

Work experience: the total experience is 33 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 33 years.

Post: Professor of the Department of Mechanics.

Which university, in which specialty and when did he graduate: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, «Technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools» in 1989.

Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Technical Sciences in the specialty 05.05.06 «Mining machines» 23.04.2004, KarSTU, associate professor in the specialty «Mechanical Engineering» 30.05.2007.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

1989-1996 assistant of CarPTI, from 1997-1999 postgraduate student of the Department of «Butt mechanics». From 2000 assistant, from 2004 -2015 associate professor, from 2015 to present Professor of the Department of «Mechanics».

Main research interests: probabilistic calculation methods in mechanical engineering, automated calculation of planetary mechanisms.

Main publications:

Published: more than 100 educational and scientific publications. Of these, 1 textbook with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 4 monographs, 2 patents, 15 intellectual property certificates, 14 textbooks.

The Hirsch index -1.

Subjects taught in the academic yea: Theoretical mechanics, Theory of mechanisms and machines.

Professional development:

University of Lorraine (France) -2014, 2016.

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia) – 2016, 2018.

Bishkek Humanitarian University (Kyrgyzstan)-2016.

Tomsk Polytechnic University – 2022.

Contact information: working tel. 56-59-32 (ext. 2041)