Smirnova Galina Mikhailovna

Смирнова Г.М.
Associate Professor of the Department “ANK and SHD”

Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Academician of the Eurasian International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety

In 1984 she graduated from the Karaganda Order of the Red Banner of Labor Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with the qualification of an engineer-teacher of mechanical engineering disciplines. Since 1988 she worked at the Karaganda Pedagogical Institute as a teacher, senior teacher. Since 1989 – at the Karaganda State University. E.A. Buketova – teacher, senior teacher, since 2004 – head of the department “General technical disciplines and methods of labor training.” In 2003 she defended her thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in the specialty 13.00.08 – Theory and Methods of Vocational Education; in 2006 he was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of Pedagogy.

Since 2008, I have been working at the Karaganda State Technical University as the head of the department “Management Methodology and Entrepreneurship”, since 2009 – director of the Scientific Research Institute of Vocational Technical Education and head of the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Training of Teachers of Technical and Vocational Education, since 2014 director Center for Engineering Pedagogy (CIP).

Since 2012 – Academician of the Eurasian International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety.

In 2013 – the owner of the title “The best teacher of the university in 2013″ Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2013, for many years of work in the field of education and upbringing of the younger generation, she was awarded a diploma of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Carried out research as an executor of the project on applied scientific research in the field of education on the topics “Development of an innovative approach to the training of engineering and pedagogical personnel for the industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan” and “Development of the scientific and practical foundations of an innovative system of career guidance for young people in the context of socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan ”(2015-2017), “Determining the forecasted need for technical and service personnel”, “Ensuring the competitiveness of graduates of TVET institutions” (2009-2011), “Developing a model of social partnership between universities and employers” (2006- 2009),

Has over 100 published works, incl. monographs, study guides, copyright certificates of intellectual property.

In 2011, Smirnova G.M. awarded the title of the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) – International teacher of engineering disciplines.

In 2015, she acted as a national expert in the DCI Program of the European Union for the Republic of Kazakhstan project: GIZ / GOPA “Support for vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan” – Component 6 “Internship” – organizing an internship for TVE teachers to study the experience of implementing dual training and a consultant in KSU “Karaganda Engineering College” within the framework of the project “Modernization of technical and vocational education” under the sub-grant No. 109 dated November 21, 2013, financed by a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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