Шманов Махамбет Нажметдинович



Mining faculty
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Shmanov Makhambet Nazhmetdinovich

Date of birth: August 16, 1938

Place of birth: Ganyushkino village,

Kurmangazinsky district, Atyrau region

Education: Izhevsk Mechanical Institute,

1960, specialty – engineering technology

Specialist in the field: mining, oil and gas drilling equipment

Gender: Male

Nationality: Kazakh

Academic degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Defense of the dissertation: 1972, code – 05.172,

specialty – “Mining machines”

Theme of dissertation: Study of the excavation of the subroofing coal pack of a powerful flat bed by the dynamic executive body of the mechanized support KAM

Academic title: Associate Professor

Year of appropriation: 1976

Total number of publications: 87, including monographs – 2,

copyright certificates and patents – 27

The main scientific and educational – methodical works: 1. Geomechanical basis for calculating coal mining parameters under non-stationary conditions (monograph co-authored by Karaganda, 2009); 2. Diagnosis of hydrocarbon production processes in local areas (co-authored by Karaganda, Bolashak-Basp, 2009); 3. The study of the features of the state of rocks in the bowels (co-authored, Complex use of mineral raw materials, No. 3, 2009). 4. Practical and research aspects of the auto design of mining machines in 3D (monograph co-authored, Karaganda, 2012); 5.The state and operation of oil and gas deposits (co-authored, Karaganda, 2010); 6. Collection of tasks for the course “Hydromechanics of oil and gas reservoirs” (co-authored, Karaganda, 2013).

Awards: Veteran of Labor Medal, Honorary Badge of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Kazakh SSR, Winner of Socialist Competition

Present position, department (currently): associate professor of the department of development of mineral deposits

Contact details:

Address: Karaganda, Peace Boulevard, 56, second building, office 308

Phone (office): 56 – 26 – 19

shmanovm@mail.ru 87772415086

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