Shalaev Vladimir Vasilyevich

Full name, date of birth: Shalaev Vladimir Vasilyevich, November 16, 1948.
Work experience: the general experience is 49 years, the scientific and pedagogical experience is 17 years.

Position: Senior Lecturer of the Department “Transport equipment and logistics systems”.

What university, for what specialty and when he graduated from: Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, “Automobile Transport” in the specialty “Mechanical Engineer” in 1971.

Academic degree, academic title, academic degree: no.

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

1971 – 1977 – teacher in vocational education system

1977 – 2002 – Lecturer of the Automotive Cycle Commission of the Mining College (formerly the Mining Technical College)

2002-2013 – Senior Lecturer, Department of Automotive Transport, KSTU

2005-2007 – Performed by combining the duties of the deputy dean of the TDF

From 2014 to the present – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Transport equipment and logistics systems” on combining.

Main research interests:

The use of computer technology for processing and statistical analysis of research data, the use of scientific and technical advances in the process of automating processes in road transport and in the construction of vehicles.

Main publications:

Co-authored a textbook on the technical operation of transport equipment.

Items read in the school year: Development of the logistics services sector in Kazakhstan, Fundamentals of Automatic Control Theory, Transport Management Systems, Information Logistics, Transport Systems Management


01.20.2009-22.02.2009 – training seminar “Programs for the design of lectures,” KSTU ”

June 3, 2010 to June 28, 2010 – an internship at Avtopark No. 3 of the city of Karaganda

Contacts: 56-59-32 (ext. 2049)

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