Samachova Gulpharida Ergalievna

Самашова сжатая1
PhD in Pedagogics

December 27, 2011 received the title of associate professor of pedagogy

Graduted from Karaganda State University named after Buketov in 1996.

The specialist in the sphere of professional pedagogic, informational technologies and proceedings in the official language.

The topic of scientific research was «Ақпарат­тықтехнологияларарқылыстуденттердіісқағаздарынжүргізугеоқытудыңпедагогикалықшарттары». at Buketov Karaganda State University. in 2007. The author of more than 45 scientific paper, among them one reference, 1 glossary and 1 standart.

At present, an assosiate professor at the department of ‘Vocational education ’ of KSTU.

In 2014 received a grant from the title “The best teacher of the university”