Nurkenov Oralgazy Aktaevich


Faculty: fit
Academic degree: doctor of chemistry
Position: Professor of Department

Professor Nurkenov O. A. is a highly qualified specialist in fine organic synthesis.
He is a co-author of more than 440 scientific works, including 10 monographs, 8 certificates of authorship of the USSR and 5 pre-patents and innovative patents of Kazakhstan.
Many of his articles are published in international publications with high impact factor, as “MendeleevCommunications”, “Journal of General chemistry”, “Journal of organic chemistry”, “chemistry Of natural compounds”, “Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds”, “Izvestia RAS”, as well as more than 90 articles in the publications of the information base of the company WebofScience.
H-index of Professor O. A. Nurkenova, using the WebofScience database is 6.

His research interests include the synthesis of new biologically active compounds based on natural compounds of plant origin by modifying their structure. Among them, more than 670 of the synthesized new organic substances discovered highly effective drugs that have protivoopujoleve-ing, hepatoprotective, hypotensive, anti-TB, nootrop-term and other types of bioactivity, which could potentially find wide application in medical practice. Is one of the developers for implementation in medical practice of domestic hepatoprotector “Ziafat”. In 1999 he was awarded the diploma of the winner of the international competition of scientific projects “Synthesis and modification of natural compounds – 98/99″for the project on creation of new biologically active substances on the basis of alkaloids. In 2001 at the 1st international conference “Chemistry and biological activity of nitrogen heterocycles and alkaloids” in the nomination “For a special contribution to the development of modern methods of synthesis and modification of heterocycles” Nurkenov O. A. and other employees of the laboratory were awarded a commemorative gold medal.

In 2015, Nurkenov O. A. was awarded a commemorative diploma “TopauthorSpringer — 2015” on behalf of the publishing house Springer and on behalf of the National center of scientific and technical information for publishing the largest number of articles and having the largest number of citations in the journals of the publishing house Springer among authors from Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Main works:

1. Nurkenov O. A., Fazylov S. D., Kulakov I. V., Musina L. A., the Alkaloid anabasine and its derivatives. – Karaganda: Glacier, 2010. – 224 p.
2. Kulakov I. V., Nurkenov O. A., Ilyin A. I., Kulmanov M. E. N-aminoglycosides: synthesis methods, structure and biological activity. — Karaganda: Glacier, 2010. – 156 p.
3. Nurkenov O. A., Kulakov I. V., Fazylov S. D. Synthetic transformations of the alkaloid cytisine. – Karaganda: Glacier, 2012. 210 PP.
4. Nurkenov O. A., Fazylov S. D., Turdybekov K. M., M. Z. Muldakhmetov Ephedrine alkaloids and their derivatives. – Karaganda: Glacier, 2014. – 264 p.
5. Nurkenov O. A., A. M. gasaliyev, Kabieva S. K., A. T. Takibaev Alkaloid lupini and its derivatives. – Karaganda: Glacier, 2016. – 112 p.
7. Nurkenov O. A., Satpaev Zh. b., Fazylov S. D., A. M. gasaliyev N-Acylhydrazides and their derivatives. – Karaganda: Glacier, 2017. 144 p.

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