Nuguzhinov Zhmagul Smagulovich



Nuguzhinov Zhmagul Smagulovich – a director of research, expert, design, and survey “Kazakh multidisciplinary reconstruction and development institute” (KazMIRD) and concurrently a Chair professor of “Construction materials and technologies”, Doctor of Engineering of “Theory of Structures” (05.23.01), “Building structures of building and constructions” (05.23.17), a professor, a counselor of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS).

Academic career. More than 1500 research and expert works for multiple surveys of reliability and rigidity of construction structures of building and constructions have been performed under the academic advising of Nuguzhinov Zh. S. at the request of big industrial companies (“ArcelorMitall Temirtau””JSC, “Euroasian Energy Corporation” JSC, “Transnational Company Kazchrome” JSC, “Bogatyr Coal” LLP, “Kazakhmys Corporation”, “NC KazMunaiGas” JSC, “KazMunaiGas Exploration Production” JSC, “SSGPO (Sokolov-Sarbai Mining Production Association)” JSC, “Kostanai Production Association” JSC, “Zhairem GOK (Mining and Refining Plant) JSC”, “NOVA-ZINC” LLP, “KEGOC” JSC, “Ekibastuz GRES-1” LLP, branch of “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP, “Zhezkazgantsvetmet” Production Association, “Astana-Energy” JSC, “AK Altynalmas” JSC, “KAZZINC” LLP and others) branch ministries and akimats (mayor’s administrations).

In the context of GPIID 2 for grant financing of scientific research, he completed works under the project 3855/ГФ4 “Physics and chemistry of receipt of nanostructured foam glass crystalline thermal insulating materials based on local human-induced wastes”.

He is a manager of more than 1000 incorporated design and experimental and detailed designs for new construction, reconstruction, and restoration of buildings and structures of civil and industrial purposes all over the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under his direct involvement, the complex scientific and technical problems for the erection of unique facilities in Nur-Sultan, such as Khan Shatyr, an administrative building of National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, Movie and Concert Hall for 3500 seats, covered stadium for 30000 seats, speed-skating rink “Alau”, Palace of Independence, “Kazakh Yeli” Monument, “Baiterek” “National Museum of Kazakhstan”, Entertaining center “Duman”, “Mega Astana” Shopping Mall, New train station in Astana “Nurly Zhol”, Scientific and Educational Complex “Nazarbayev University”, pavilions “International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017”, “New Transport System for the city of Astana. LRT (section from the airport to the new train station”, multifunctional complex Abu-Dhabi Plaza, etc.

Nuguzhinov Zh.S. created a school of thought relating to reliability and engineering safety of buildings and structures. He developed theoretical foundations and calculation methods of structures with damage, the methodology of assessment of the technical condition, and innovative methods of reinforcement and restoration of construction structures; also, he developed a set of current technical standard documents of RK for calculation and design, inspection, and assessment, rules of operational and technical supervision over the condition of buildings and structures.

Due to the reforming of the standardization system in the area of architectural and construction activity under his management, there was developed standard and technical manuals for calculation, design to Eurocodes, and the whole range of Building Code (BC) and Construction Regulations (CR) are harmonized with international standards.

More than 1000 scientific research reports for business contract and fiscal topics, more than 300 research and methodical works including 3 textbooks, 2 monographs have been prepared according to research results of Nugizhinov Zh.S. He received many author certificates, patents, and certificates of incorporations of results of research and development work in production.

Nuguzhinov Zh. S. is a member of Kazakhstan, German, and Russian Association for complex safety of buildings and structures, a member of Academic Union Oxford (England), a member of the editorial board of Russian Scientific Magazine “Universities and Colleges News. Construction”.

Nuguzhinov Zh. S. was a member of scientific committees across international scientific forums and conferences (Germany, England, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, and Russia).

Educational work. Nuguzhinov Zh. S. made a significant contribution into the improvement of the quality of preparation of specialists in the technical sphere. According to his initiative and direct involvement, there was developed innovative teaching materials for specialties “Construction”, “Urban development and facilities”, “Technological and legal examination in construction”, “Bridges and tunnels”, “Construction of auto-roads and aerodromes”. He actively incorporates a system of dual education by way of creation of a system for training, production, and pre-diploma practices based on the KazMIRD Institute, execution of real course and diploma design, the participation of students in the performance of research, expert, design, and survey work at the request of enterprises.

Textbooks and training manuals of Nuguzhinov Zh.S. are actively used in the training process of KarSTU and range of leading technical Universities and Colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in particular textbooks “Inspection of reconstruction of a structure”, “Theory of calculation of reinforced concrete structures with damage”, “Mechanical engineering and theory of structures”, “Design basis of reinforced, masonry and reinforced masonry construction according to Eurostandards”.

Since 2008, the preparation of Ph.D students with a degree in “Construction” has been started with the direct involvement of Nuguzhinov Zh. S. in KarTU. Under Nuguzhinov Zh. S. initiative and under his chairmanship on the basis of KarTU and KazMIRD, there were conducted 2 big international research-to-practice conferences for innovations in construction.

Work activity. Over the past work period under Nuguzhinov Zh. S. initiative and his direct involvement there was conducted significant organizational work for organization and creation of a research laboratory of KarTI institute, then Republican research interdepartmental fundamental research laboratory “Multiple survey and reconstruction of a building and structure”, new professional chair “Buildings and structures” with a range of new specialties and specializations, and then Research, expert, design, and survey “Kazakh Multidisciplinary Institute of Reconstruction and Development” (KazMIRD).

Under his initiative based on KazMIRD Institute by the order of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for construction and housing and maintenance utilities No 47 dd. 14.08.2009, there was established a Republican Scientific Coordination Center “Full safety and reconstruction of buildings and structures”.

Nuguzhinov Zh. S. is a chairman of the Republican Scientific Coordination Center “Integrated Safety and reconstruction of building and structures”, Committee for construction and housing and maintenance utilities of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the scientific and technical counsil of the Committee for construction and housing and maintenance utilities of the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of a range of interdepartmental expert commissions for investigation of emergency situations, a member of a range of working groups for the development of regulatory and technical and standard documents in the sphere of architectural town planning and construction activity.

Nuguzhinov Zh. S. is an acknowledged scientist and engineer, experienced organizer of the engineering science.