Nokina Zhannel Nurtaevna



Full name, date of birth: Nokina Zhannel Nurtaevna, March 18, 1983.

Work experience: the total experience is 15 years, scientific and pedagogical experience is 15 years.

Post: lecturer of the department «Technological equipment, engineering and standardization».

Which university, in which specialty and when did he graduate: Karaganda State Technical University, 25.06 «Hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumoautomatics» in 2007.

Academic degree, academic title: Master of Engineering and Technology in the specialty 6M072400 «Technological machines and equipment», graduated from the doctoral program in the specialty 6D070700 «Mining».

Work in departments, including dates of employment and positions held:

2007-2009 Assistant of the Department «Mining machinery and Equipment», KarSTU;

2010-2012 lecturer of the Department «Mining machinery and Equipment», KarSTU;

2012-2022 lecturer of the Department «Technological equipment, Mechanical Engineering and standardization», KarTU.

Main research interests:

Development of hydraulic drive of mining machines, operation of mining and transport machines, mechanization of mining operations.

2018-2020 the executor of the scientific project on the GF АР № 05134441 on the topic: «Development, manufacture and testing of a new design of the rotary assembly of the conveyor with the rotation of the cargo flow at an angle of up to 90 degrees in the plane of the soil of the workings for downhole excavation systems and curved workings». 

Main publications:

More than 40 scientific papers have been published, including 1 monograph, 15 abstracts, 3 articles indexed in the SCOPUS database, 3 Eurasian patents, 4 CIF, 4 textbooks have been published.

Subjects taught in the academic year: for the Educational program «Technological machines and equipment (by industry)”, «Hydraulics» «Hydropneumatic machines and drives», «Pneumatic machines and drives», including in the profile disciplines «Stationary equipment», «GPS controls», «Volumetric hydraulic machines», «Volumetric hydraulic drive», «Pulsed hydraulic drives», I conduct lectures on these disciplines, I manage term papers, diploma projects in the specialty «Technological machines and equipment (by industry) ».

Professional development:

2007 – «Hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive of mining machines» Branch “Festo Ges.m.b.H.” in Kazakhstan, Almaty;

2011 – «Open mining» in Bogatyr-Komir LLP;

2013«Mine System Simulation» and «Surface and underground global mining practices in 21 century»;

2017 «Installation of mining machinery and equipment» in the Kazakhstanskaya mine, Arcelor Mitall Temirtau LLP;

2018 – «Engineering pedagogy», KarTU; COF of JSC «Hansa flex Gidravlik Almaty»;

2019 - «Organization of tunneling and cleaning operations at coal mines» in the Kazakhstanskaya mine, Arcelor Mitall Temirtau LLP»;

2020Kargormash-M LLP – industrial internship.

2021– «Stationary equipment of coal mines» JSC «Arcelor Mittal Temirtau» mine «Kazakhstanskaya» – industrial internship.

18.10-28.10.2021 - NJSK «KarTU»– «Cyberculture, cyber hygiene and work with big data», Karaganda – received a certificate.

Contact information: working tel. 56-59-32 (ext. 2038)